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Upcoming Events

Feb. 23/24      MAP Testing
Feb. 24           6-10 Ski Trip
Mar. 2             Grades 6-11 Reports sent home (Change of Date)
Mar. 3              H Block – Grade 11 – University Session 4 (MHS Hall)
Mar. 6             Grade 12 Mock Exams begin
Mar. 7             MS Vball Boys@BFS and Girls@BIFS SKAC Finals. Out all day (Jader, M. Wagner, G. Owen, A. Roland)
Mar. 8             BIFS Parent Coffee
Mar. 9/10        Grade 6-11 Parent Conferences
Mar. 15           H Block – Grade 11 – University Session 4 (MHS Hall)
Mar. 15           Grade 10 Personal Project Showcase (4:00 – 7:00)
Mar. 15           Secondary Parent Coffee
April 3-6, 10   Middle School Health Screening (During Homeroom) 


High School Basketball

Two men’s Bears basketball teams made their way to North London Collegiate School (NLCS) and Korea International School (KIS) for the Battle of Jeju this past weekend. In two days of fierce competition, the Bears accumulated a 10-2 overall record bringing home first and third place finishes in the junior varsity and varsity divisions, respectively. The cold winter chill that blanketed Jeju was thawed by the Bears blistering heat as they came out “on fire”. Here are the details:

The varsity team (photo 1) was 3-1 after day one pool play, receiving a number 2 seed in Saturday’s championship round. Yet, the mighty Bears fell to the home team (KIS) in a most anticipated rematch which saw the Bears defeat KIS the last six times they have played. The Bears bounced back in the next game beating NLCS by 20 in an overall team effort. The Senior, Sergei Son (photo 2), brought home All-tournament team recognition for the varsity tournament.

The junior varsity team (photo 3) waltzed through pool play 5-0, leaving a rematch with Centennial Christian School (CCS) from the previous day. However, results remained the same as the Bears swept the competition and brought home the hardware. Ka Eul Park’s drive to the basket (photo 4) in the 3rd quarter sealed the Bear’s victory as they pull away with intense defense and solid ball movement in the fourth quarter. Chris Sim (photo 5) walked away with All-tournament team recognition for the junior varsity tournament. Another successful tournament for the Bears!

This past weekend the HS Girls Basketball team travelled to Jeju to compete in the KISAC Red Varsity tournament. The girls took awhile to start playing their game, as they had to fight through the very aggressive Jeju schools. The last game on Friday was won in a thrilling double overtime. Justine Castro pressed hard and was able to steal the ball in the last seconds of the game. She then passed the ball to Rakiah Swenson who made the shot right at the buzzer sending us into overtime. After a 2 min overtime, no baskets were scored, sending us into a “next basket wins” over time. Taking a foul for our team, Alisa Zakirova went to the foul line and made her free throw, giving BIFS the win! With this win, the BIFS girls placed 2nd after pool play and headed into the final day in good shape. Our semi-final game against NLCS on Saturday, proved too tough for us as NLCS barely missed any shots. After a hard fought 2 days, the BIFS Varsity girls finished fourth, but were able to take away an understanding of what is needed as a team, to be successful in our next tournament. Congratulations to our All-Tournament team winner, Eve Seeberg for her never give up attitude and consistency on the court! With another tournament this weekend, we are looking forward for another chance to show our potential!

Middle School Volleyball


This Past weekend the Girls Middle School volleyball teams traveled to compete in the KISAC Middle School Volleyball tournament taking place at the International School of Goje on beautiful Goje Island.  Teams in the KISAC conference come from Busan, Goje and Jeju to compete for two days.  The level of volleyball was very high and our girl’s team 1 finished with an undefeated sweep of the tournament and our girl’s team 2 finished with some great experience at a much higher level than what they have been used to playing!  A great time was had by all who were there and the teams competed for 8 sets each of Volleyball in the two days!  Congratulations to both teams for their win and to all who participated in the event!

The Boys volleyball teams ventured to Geoje Island last weekend for the annual KISAC volleyball championships as defending champions. Our expectations prior to the tournament commencing were to do as well as we could and the goal of reaching the semi-final. The boys had trained very hard throughout the weeks and months leading up to the weekend. We had ventured down to Geoje the weekend before for a competitive round-robin tournament, we collected a mixed bag of results. Both teams came away from that tournament with things to focus, develop and work on during training in the penultimate week prior to the KISAC finals. Our focus was clear – work hard!

The results of both teams speak for themselves. The boys A team won the tournament. The victory in the tournament Final was an incredible nail-biting affair. The team went down two sets to zero in the best of five sets, not the start they had wanted! At one stage they were only 7 points away from exiting the competition. But as you could imagine, the coach and players never lost focus. “Play each point as it comes and increase communication” was the common theme when time outs were called. In the blink of an eye, they had secured the next two sets. The final set saw the Disney comeback complete playing up to 15 points, instead of the usual 25. With a dominant display, the team managed to win the final set 15 – 7 sparking elation in the coaches and players. A well-deserved victory!!

The boys B team was as dogged as usual. Their performance throughout the KISAC finals was beyond expectations! The final result was that the team finished third – similar to the A team, a hard-fought but well-deserved place. A particular highlight was the clash of the two BIFS teams in the first round. With the result of our clash expected to go the way of the A team, the B team surprised both their opponents and themselves. The match was taken to another 5 set classic! The B team were only pipped in the final set – 15-10.

We now focus on training and preparation for the final tournament of the season here at BIFS on March 7th – the SKAC finals.  Please come and cheer on the Bears!!!!!

Map Testing on February 23rd and 24th – Grades 6-10

Map Testing (February 23rd and 24th)

On February 23rd and 24th students from grades 6-10 will participate in MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) Testing  (Read morehere). This year students will take the Mathematics and Reading assessments. The individual and school data gathered will assist teachers in guiding their planning and informing their classroom instruction. The February data will also give the school the opportunity to see student growth. If you have any questions regarding the testing, please do not hesitate to contact the office.

Please assist us by making sure your child’s computer is fully charged for the testing.

Map 테스트 (2월 23일~24일, 목/금 시행)

6학년에서 10학년 학생들의 MAP 테스트가 2월 23일, 24일 양일간 수학과 영어읽기 평가로 치뤄집니다. MAP 테스트에 관해 자세 내용은 여기

를 클릭해주세요. 시험후 개인별 학교별로 나오는 결과데이터는 교사들의 수업질향상을 위해 활용되어집니다.

2월의 데이터는 학생들의 학습에 대한 발전과정을 학교에 제공해줄것입니다.  궁금하신 사항이 있으시면 중고등부 사무실로 연락주시기 바랍니다.

시험당일 자녀의 컴퓨터 배터리 충전여부를 한번 더 체크해주시기 바랍니다.  감사합니다.

중고등부 교장

제이미 롭

High School Learner Profile Awards

Grade 9
Ejew Kim
Learner Profile Trait Displayed: Communicator, Thinker
Ejew showed excellent collaboration skills by delegating and sharing responsibility for the presentation of Lunar New Year celebration.

Grade 10
Justine Castro
Learner Profile Trait Displayed: Communicator, Balanced
Justine has demonstrated great leadership skills through her commitment to the JV girls basketball team. She is a constant communicator and motivator to her peers on and off the court. Her experience, wisdom and positive energy has been a real asset to the team. Well done Justine!

Grade 11
Yongze Zheng
Learner Profile Trait Displayed: Caring
Stephen (Yongze) demonstrated caring by remaining after school to help a friend fix technical issues and print out his assignment.

Grade 12
Amelie Balivet
Learner Profile Trait Displayed: Communicator
Amelie has consistently balanced her academic and CAS responsibilities. In addition, she has stepped out of her comfort zone several times to take on new roles around the school.

Upcoming Events

Feb. 15          Secondary School Parent Coffee
Feb. 16          H Block – Grade 11 – University Session 3 (MHS Hall)
Feb. 17          Professional Development Day – No school for students
Feb. 23-24     MAP Testing (Grades 6-10) 
Feb. 24-27     Secondary Ski Trip
Mar. 2            Grades 6-11 Reports sent home (Change of Date)
Mar. 3            H Block – Grade 11 – University Session 4 (MHS Hall)
Mar. 6            Grade 12 Mock Exams begin
Mar. 7            MS Vball Boys@BFS and Girls@BIFS SKAC Finals. Out all day
Mar. 8            BIFS Parent Coffee
Mar. 15          H Block – Grade 11 – University Session 4 (MHS Hall)
Mar. 15          Personal Project Showcase (4:00 – 7:00)
Mar. 15          Secondary Parent Coffee


High School Basketball


On February 2nd the High School Girls Basketball team traveled to Yokohama Japan where they participated in the AISA tournament. Over the weekend the girls competed in four intense and highly skilled games of basketball. The girls took this weekend as an opportunity to grow stronger as a team and implement new game strategies. They demonstrated a great amount of respect, fairness and drive which lead them to win the Sportsmanship Award. Justine Castro was recognized as the All-Tournament player for her tremendous leadership, positive attitude, and commitment to helping her team grow and develop. With such a positive tournament experience the girls are excited for our upcoming KISAC tournament in Jeju this weekend.

Ms. Plicka and Ms. Robar

The Men’s basketball team did a magnificent job representing BIFS last weekend in Osaka, Japan. The AISA Tournament found the Bears playing schools from Japan and Seoul, and despite a high level of competition, the boys did an outstanding job all weekend. The nerves were evident in the first game of the weekend as the boys dropped the first game to Senri Osaka International School. The Bears bounced back in the second game where they matched Korea International School Seoul point for point until the end of the third quarter. Although the Bears were unable to stay with their opponent in the final quarter, they proved to themselves they could play at a competitive level with these much bigger schools.

The second day of the tournament started slow, with a loss to the tournament champions Yokohama International School. The Bears were determined to not go home winless and came out firing against SOLICS. A victory in their final game of the tournament placed the BIFS Bears in 5th place overall and gave the young men something to smile about as the tournament came to a conclusion.  

During the awards ceremony, the boys were presented with another reason to smile as they took home the Sportsmanship Award for the second year in a row. This award exemplified the respect that the opposing players and coaches had for the Bears, as they were responsible for choosing the winner of the award. While Marin Ikac was chosen for the All-Tournament Team, it was the team effort that made the BIFS coaches most proud. The leadership brought by Liam Robb and intensity of Sergei Son were recognized and admired my teammates and coaches alike.

The Bears will be playing in Jeju this weekend in the KISAC Red Tournament. They boys have won this tournament several years in a row, and hope to bring back a bit of hardware once again.

Mr. Wilson and Mr. Johnson

Middle School Volleyball

Our middle school team competed with 4 schools (BFS, GIFS, DIS and ISK) last Saturday at the International School of  Keoje. Our Bears teams won all their games. They have shown a good example of what good communication can do for a team, they have displayed good teamwork; they have supported their teammates and was very humble in what they have achieved.  We are very proud of you Bears!

Ms. Jader and Mr. Wagner

After an early start from BIFS, the Boys Volleyball teams set off for Koje to take part in the SKAC tournament. The boy’s tournament was held at the Harmony Centre close to the school. The continued popularity of middle school volleyball at BIFS has seen the boy’s team swell to 21 players. Luckily, we were permitted to enter two teams into the tournament.
Also attending the tournament was Busan Foreign School (BFS), Daegu International School (DIS) the International School Koje (ISK)  and Gyeongnam International Foreign School (GIFS). Each team played six games that were 25 minutes in length. The team with the most combined points at the end of 25 minutes was the winner. Both BIFS teams were able to win a number of matches and also experienced losing, with one BIFS team registering an unusual – two ties.
All players represented BIFS with sportsmanship, determination, and passion. One student even played for opposing team (against BIFS) when an injury meant the opposing team only had 5 players.

This was a perfect warmup tournament before the KISAC tournament this weekend as well as the SKAC finals that will take place in March. I’m sure we will continue to improve and experience even more success in these tournaments.

Mr. Owen and Mr. Roland