Secondary News

Choir Performance at the Hilton – Gijang

The Grade 6 & 7 Choir were lucky enough to be invited to perform at the new Hilton Hotel in Gijang last Wednesday. The students rehearsed in the morning and then performed later on in the day. It was a fabulous performance by all accounts. Well done to the students and Ms Khalifeh for their efforts.

IB Diploma Subject Choices – Current Grade 10 Students.

Well, it might seem like a long way off, but in reality, the current students in grade 10 will soon be deciding on their subject choices for the next academic year – 2018/19. While we are asking students to make decisions soon, there will be plenty of time and advice given to parents and students to enable everyone to make well-informed decisions. To that extent, the process will begin before the end of this term. We have scheduled the following events for the students in grade 10.

  1. Tuesday, December 5 – Overview to students of the IB Diploma requirements. Outline of alternate courses for students not undertaking the full IB DP.
  2. Tuesday, 12 December and Wednesday, 13 December – Grade 10 students will be invited to spend time in the back of Grade 11 & 12 IB Diploma classes (Psychology, Economics, Spanish, English B and Maths)
  3. Tuesday, December 12 & Thursday, December 14 –  College Counselor Presentations to students – General Information Session about College and Subject Choices. BridgeU and Self Assessment Tools.
  4. Wednesday, January 10 – Grade 10 Parents and Students – IB Diploma Information Night. MHS Hall, 6.00-7.00pm. 

  5. 11-18 January – Homeroom Sessions. Teachers will use Grade 10 homeroom time to discuss subject groups and the courses offered. This will help students make more informed choices.
  6. 11-18 January – Teacher Recommendations – teachers will recommend students for specific courses and levels, HL or SL. This information will be reviewed by the Head of Secondary, the counsellor and the DP coordinator.
  7. Friday, 19 January – Subject Survey sent to students and parents re subject offerings for 2018/19
  8. Tuesday, 30 January – Subject choice surveys due by this date.
  9. February(ongoing) – Meetings with Head of Secondary, DP Coordinator and/or Counselor to finalise subject choices for the coming academic year. Students are able to make changes to their initial choices throughout the remainder of this academic year.

Angel Tree of Giving


BIFS Seniors have been busy coordinating our annual Angel Tree event. This year we have received names of children, along with their gift wishes, from Isaac House and Park Ae Won Children’s Home.  Regrettably, time is short, but we know that BIFS students find much joy in giving to others who have so much less.
You can find our Angel Tree, with gift tags for each of the fifty children, in the school cafeteria. Please choose a name from the tree, sign the form beside the tree, purchase the gift requested and return your wrapped gift by the end of the day on December 12, to the BIFS tree in the 1/F Reception area.

Parent Coffee Morning Encore

Dec.12, Tuesday 9 am

Assessment in the MYP


If you have a child currently undertaking the MYP, Grade 6-10, our MYP Coordinator, Ms Jenny Montague will be running the workshop on Tuesday, December 12, on how assessment works in the MYP.  Please join Jenny in the MHS Library (C3.11) for the session. We will make a start at 9.00am and conclude at 10.00am.


Middle School Assembly

The Middle School assembly last Friday was called What Do You Expect and focused on looking at the probability of randomly answering true/false questions.
Here’s how the activity went:
  1. All students in grade 6-8 were given a piece of paper and asked to number it from 1-10.
  2. WITHOUT even hearing/knowing the questions, they then answered true or false to the questions.
  3. After they all guessed, 10 questions with really odd facts were shown and students shouted out whether they thought they were true or false and correct answers were given.
  4. The students scored their papers.
  5. Students then formed a human graph – random answers to random questions should generate most scores in the 40-60% range, which is what happened.
  6. Students below 40 and above 60 were rare.
  7. Rarest of all were students who scored 0% or 100% – both scores have the same probability value

Ms Montague

It was a terrific assembly that gave all involved a visual representation of a simple ‘bell curve’ graph – the difference being the graph was made up of the students!

BIFS Community Choir


Some teachers and parents have discussed the idea of forming a BIFS Community Adult Choir. If you are interested in this, please take a moment to fill in this form in order to organise a meeting to discuss it further.


Congratulations to Chelsea Moon for successfully completing her Grade 8 ABRSM Piano Examination. An amazing effort – well done Chelsea.


Lost Property

Dear Parents, there is a growing quantity of lost property that will be on display at the entrance to C-Building on the first floor – next to the student cafe. This needs to be removed prior to the holidays or it will be donated to charity. Please encourage your child to look through the many boxes for articles of clothing, shoes, drink bottles etc. You never know, some of it might belong to your child!

The Week in Secondary

Spelling Bee

Congratulations on the student’s success on Tuesday 21 November.

Thank you to the many parents who supported the students in their preparation for the Spelling Bee Competition.

It certainly paid off.

Ansh and Christina, from Grade 5, won 1st and 2nd place in their Bee.

The other students from Gr6, Gr7 and Gr8. all made it through to the Quarter or Semi-final in their respective Bee.

A great result which reflects the student’s determination and effort.

Well done to all of them.

Mr Fox-Davies


Model United Nations


Grade 9 Individuals and Societies students took part in a Model United Nations Conference held on Tuesday at Kwangju Foreign School.  This put an end to a unit of study that had them researching global issues and how countries of the world come together in the United Nations to make resolutions.  During the conference, students were engaged in lobbying and making alliances prior to lunch, and later they debated these resolutions within their committees.  It was a challenging day for all as this was the first time for any of them to take part in an actual MUN conference.  All students walked away learning something about themselves and how difficult decisions are made in the world around them.



The Girls Team

The BIFS Middle School girls team played in the MS Futsal Finals last Wednesday in Busan. The girls played at a very high level throughout this tournament achieving a well-deserved spot in the Final. The team started against a very tough opposition like HIS in a match where they tied 2-2, facing a very strong defence. It became a gripping game until the end, with goals by Vicky and a superb last-minute goal by Na Rae dribbling past 2 defenders and scoring the final tying goal.

During the second game, the girls displayed great pressure and organisation against GIFS, where they managed to win 4-1, demonstrating great teamwork with accurate shooting and precise passing from each member of the team. Thanks to this win the girls automatically achieved a spot in the Finals, with 2 goals from Vicky, 1 from Yenna and 1 from Supi.

The third and last game of this tournament was the Final played against the strong HIS girl’s team. BIFS managed to score an early goal from Na Rae thanks to a corner kick and the team managed to gain control of the game in the early stages, but 2 accurate shots form HIS turned the score in favour of HIS ending the first half 2-1. At the start of the second half, BIFS took the initiative and created many chances to score, getting their reward halfway through the second half with a second goal from Na Rae after a magnificent pass by Vicky. After this, the game was equal and competitive until 2 fast breaks from HIS in the final stages of the game sealed the final 4-2, thus receiving BIFS a well deserved second place in this MS Futsal Tournament.

A remarkable acknowledgement must go to Vicky, Yenna, and Na Rae, who displayed great skills throughout the tournament and great plays which helped the team achieve a great spot in the Finals.


The Boys Team

The BIFS Bears Varsity brought home another championship this season with a scintillating performance in the SKAC Futsal Tournament. The level of teamwork and understanding on display was a treat for the many fans that attended the games.

The Bears first played HIS 1 in the group stage and won 11-4, whilst also recording a heavy victory against GIFS. In the Q/F they played a very young but hardworking HFS team from Ulsan. The experience of the Bears proved too much for HFS with BIFS running out comfortable winners in the end.
The Semi-Final was against a strong DIS 1 team who put up a valiant fight with the Bears running out eventual winners on a scoreline of 9-6.
In the Final, the Bears faced old rivals HIS 1 and their superior skill levels were on display as they coasted to a 7-2 victory to claim the championship.
The Bears Junior Varsity was also in action yesterday and they played extremely well losing out in the Semi Final to HIS 1.
The day started out slowly with a loss to DIS 1 but immediately picked up with a fantastic display against HIS 2 winning the game 6-3. That victory landed the team in a Quarter Final match against GIFS which BIFS JV won on a scoreline of 4-1. They progressed to the Semi-Final and faced HIS 1 ultimately succumbing to a more experienced and older team.
It has been an extremely successful Middle School Football season this year with fantastic performances from both of our teams. We are already looking forward to next year.


Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences

We concluded the week with many parents joining us at the second round of conferences at BIFS. The two sessions held on Thursday afternoon and concluded on Friday at 2.00pm. We welcomed over 150 parents and students to the conferences in the Middle and High School over the two days. We hope that students and parents gathered useful information regarding individual progress and what are the steps forward to achieve greater success.



The Week in Secondary

Grade 6-11

Student-Parent-Teacher Conferences on November 23 & 24

On Thursday, 23 November (1:00pm – 5:00pm) and Friday, 24 November (9:00am-2:00pm) we will be hosting Student-Parent-Teacher (Three-Way) Conferences. Students will have a half-day schedule on Thursday, so they will not miss any of their scheduled classes during that day (50-minute classes). There will be NO formal classes scheduled on Friday. Students are encouraged to attend conferences with their parents. Attending the conferences, with your child gives you the opportunity to meet with each of your child’s teachers and discuss “next steps” for their improvement.  By involving students, we are inviting them to play an active role in their learning. Students should be actively discussing their progress and develop a plan for improvement. To ensure that you get the most out of the experience it is important to speak with your child, review their report cards and identify any areas that you would like to explore in more depth with the teacher during the conferences.

Date: Thursday, 23 November and Friday, 24 November
Time: Thursday (1:00 – 5:00) and Friday (9:00am – 2:00pm)
Location: Gymnasium

All Secondary teachers will be available for arena-style conferences in the gym (no sign-up).  This means you will have the opportunity to visit all 8 (or more) of your student’s teachers.  We have set a guideline of five minutes to allow for everyone to have the chance to talk with each of their teachers.  If you need more time, however, you can continue your conversation up to ten minutes. We are eager for each family to find value in these meetings and thus invite you to request a separate meeting with the teacher(s) should you find this time inadequate or can not attend the conference day.

Extra Academic Support

Last week I started investigating the level of extra support our teachers at BIFS provide to students outside of the classroom – I was impressed. Many of the students knew about the support only when they required extra help, but many were not aware of all the support available. The reason for sharing this table with the wider BIFS Secondary School Community is to let you know that we are here to support your children along their educational journey. If for whatever reason, a teacher is not available during the time indicated on the table, students can always negotiate a suitable time to meet. The table is located HERE.



At BIFS we are an IB World School. This means we offer all three sections of the IB Programme – the PYP, MYP and of course the full Diploma. As part of the full Diploma, all students undertake what’s known as the Core. The Core involves students completing an Extended Essay(EE), Theory of Knowledge(TOK) and Creativity, Activity and Service(CAS). The CAS team at BIFS is represented by Ms Jinyoung Kwon, Ms Jacqui Pascual and Mr Craig Wilson. Please find attached to this message, the outlines they have put together for all parents at BIFS to have the opportunity of reading what this essential element of the IB programme offers to students.  

The School Shop

High School students at BIFS have been wearing Letter Jackets since 2014. The School Shop has coordinated the ordering of these jackets as a service to our students. While it is not compulsory, a Letter Jacket is a jacket traditionally worn by high school or college students to represent school and team pride and, as well, to display personal awards earned in athletics, academics or activities. While this can be seen as an American tradition, it is also widely seen throughout Korea and many International Schools in Asia. This jacket has a wool body and genuine leather sleeves, all with quilted lining, meaning it is a perfect addition to your cold weather wardrobe!
Deadline: The deadline for ordering your personalized BIFS jacket is Tuesday, December 12
Delivery: We anticipate receiving the jackets on January 8 but will keep you updated if they are to be delayed
Cost: 175,000 KRW (this price includes everything seen on the jacket pictured) *
* Regrettably the cost has more than doubled since our last order as our previous vendor is no longer able to source it with a factory. While BIFS students will continue to pay the actual cost of the jackets, they will now pay retail price vs the wholesale price that was previously available.
High School students interested in ordering a BIFS Letter Jacket, please come to the school shop at your earliest convenience to choose the correct size and provide details to our shop volunteers. Payment must be made at the time of the order.
HERE is an image of the jacket

Dee Baker

Manager, PE Uniform Shop
Busan International Foreign School

Managebac Guide to Reading Reports.

Please find attached to this message a very useful guide compiled by Mr Furmston and the people at Managebac, to assist parents with reading the reports recently released on Managebac. HERE is the link.


The Week in Secondary

College Offers – and so they begin!

It is my pleasure to announce that Grace Ryu, Grade 12, has accepted an offer to attend College in the USA at Texas A & M. Her specific college will be Agriculture & Life Sciences with a major in Animal Science. Congratulations to Grace.



ABRSM Music Theory and Practical Exams

ABRSM Music Theory and Practical Exams will be held at BIFS on November 4th and 11th, 2017.
If your child is registered to take the Music Theory exam on Saturday, November 4th, please ensure that your child is at BIFS C5.5 by 1:45 pm.
Should you have questions or concerns, please email

Dragon’s Den – 2017!

The tradition continues at BIFS. This year the Grade 8 students were again faced with the challenge of the Dragon’s Den. After their hard work and great support from Mr Furmston and Mr Saunders, there was great pride and satisfaction achieved by all the students involved.


1st U.S.A.S.A

Victoria Machac
Natalia Mencos Calderon
Monica Pevreal

2nd H2GO

Na Rae Bok

Su Yeon (Suji) Han

Megha Nair

 3rd  Oceanus

Marie Bertin

Sophie Donahue

Josh McCallum

Suphitcha  Tappatarnpornsuk

Learner Profile Awards


Congratulations to the following students who were presented with their Learner Profile Awards last week.

Grade 8

Grade 6

Grade 7


Boys’ Volleyball – Japan

AISA HS Boys Volleyball

This past weekend the HS Boys Volleyball team travelled to Osaka for their AISA tournament. Being the youngest and newest team at the tournament, this group of boys took advantage of this weekend as a huge learning curve. Through their constant determination to always better themselves, the BIFS Boys Vball team met their weekend goals and played the best they have ever played.

We are very much looking forward to our last tournament in November to showcase our growth as a young team and defend the BIFS Boys KISAC Championship title.

Congratulations to all the boys for their hard work ethic and determination!

Coach Plicka



Girls’ Volleyball – Japan

AISA 2017

From October 19-22, the girls’ high school volleyball team was in Yokohama, Japan for the annual Association of International Schools in Asia (AISA) volleyball tournament. This is a much-anticipated event that brings in school from around Korea and Japan including Seoul International School, Yokohama International School, Korea International School, Senri-Osaka International School, Busan International Foreign School, and one other competitive school from near the host city; this year St. Maur International School was invited. The level of competition is a huge increase from what the Lady Bears are used to playing, therefore, practices over the past three weeks have been more tense and demanding. But, as a testament to their fighting spirit and unity, the team trained hard and continuously pushed themselves past what they expected from themselves as a team, and especially, individually.

During tournament play, the girls started out a little shaky with their nerves getting the better of them. Once they realized how good of a team they actually are and could be, their confidence recovered and they started playing with the intensity they put into practices Monday, Wednesday and Friday every week. After dropping the first match to Korea International School, the girls regrouped with a team meeting to discuss their performance and how to prepare for the next match. Here, they played the host team Yokohama International School and pushed them to the edge for 3 sets, but were unable to close them out. The next morning they fought hard against Senri-Osaka International School and later Korea International School again, but the Lady Bears were unable to pull out a victory. Ultimately, Yokohama International School won the tournament over St. Maur International School.

Although no ‘hardware’ was brought back from Japan, a great respect for the game, for each other, and an immeasurable learning experience was; and it is here I am most proud of this team!.Congratulations to Audrey Fillion who was voted to the All-tournament Team; the only 9th grader on the team. And, congratulations to all the Lady Bears for the respect they showed the host school, their host families, other teams, and dedication to understanding and playing the game!


 Cross Country – Kwangju

BIFS wins first, second, and third at the SKAC  Cross Country final in Kwangju
BIFS entered eleven runners in the SKAC cross country final hosted by Kwangju Foreign School on  Saturday, Oct 21st: eight athletes ran the 3km middle school races and three ran the 6km  high school race. Girls and boys races were separate. Kevin came in second in the boys MS race. Mathilde came in third in the girls MS race.  At the high school level, Bailey was first for the girls, five seconds behind the first place boy.

Family Fall Festival

What a wonderful festive occasion this year’s Family Fall Festival was. Filled with fun, excitement, games and great food. It was so nice to see the wide cultural mix of families at our school. Many many thanks to the PTA for all their hard work and planning – it came together beautifully in the end! Well done.




USS Ronald Reagan Visit

Students in grades 5 and 9 were lucky enough to be invited on board the USS Ronald Reagan during last week for a guided tour. It was a very interesting tour and commentary given by one of the F18 Hornet Pilots from the US Navy.


The New BIFS Drone!

We are experimenting with using the recently purchased BIFS School drone to take footage of the school in action. This is our first foray into this field – we hope you like the first attempt by Mr Saunders to capture the recent soccer tournament at BIFS last week.
See the footage here.

 MYP Personal Project Presentations

Each year students in Grade 10 complete the MYP experience by undertaking a Personal Project. The Project is a personal journey into something that each student is passionate about. Topics ranged from Personal Goals of improving fitness, cooking personal heritage through to experimenting with photography and painting. The grade 10 students from last year enjoyed a wonderful Assembly yesterday that showcased their achievements. They were all presented with their official certificates from the IBO.









To all members of the BIFS Community, please have a restful and safe mid-term holiday. Enjoy time with your families.

The Week in Secondary

A Weekend of Sport!

Last weekend, 13-14 October was a great one for sport at BIFS. We had teams literally all over the country. The Cross Country team ventured to Jeju Island with Mr Barnard and his support crew. See the report below for more details of the exciting event. The Middle School Boys’ Soccer team were also down on Jeju competing in the KISAC South MS Soccer tournament. We managed to place First and Second in that tournament! great effort. The Middle School girls’ soccer team hosted the KISAC South MS Girls Soccer tournament at BIFS. The girls played some fantastic football over the two-day tournament and managed to finish Third. The HS Girls and Boys Volleyball teams also played at BFS and BIFS respectively – both finishing Third – a fine achievement.

Cross Country

BIFS wins two first places at the KISAC Cross Country Meet on Jeju Island!

BIFS entered six runners in the KISAC cross country tournament at North London Collegiate School on Jeju Island, Saturday, Oct 14th: three ran the 3km middle school race and 3 ran the 4.8km  high school race. The race began and ended in the school with a long loop through Jeju’s orange groves.  Mathilde Capitant was the girls’ middle school winner with a time of 13 minutes and 44 seconds. Adam Santamaria came in 4th for the boys with a time of 14:25. William Solvang was 11th for the boys at 16:46. At the high school level, Bailey Miller was first for the girls and first place overall with a time of 15:16. Josh McCallum was fourth for the boys with a time of  20:11. Gavin Theut was 6th for the boys at 22:45. Congratulations BIFS cross country!

MS Boys’ Soccer@Jeju

The BIFS Boys Middle School teams were in action last weekend in Jeju. It was a very successful weekend with the Varsity team coming in 1st place and bringing the trophy back to the mainland. They started the tournament with a 2-2 draw against a physical KIS 1 team with goals from Kanta and Luis. Next came a thrilling 4-3 victory against NLCS 2 with a hat-trick being scored by Kanta and a goal from team captain Andrew. In the final game of the group stage, BIFS lost the game to NLCS 1 in what would be their last defeat of the tournament. In the semi-final, BIFS came up against KIS 1 again but this time it was a dominant display from the Bears as they ran out 3-1 winners with goals from Andrew, Junho and a wonderful top corner strike from Luis. NLCS were the opponents in the final. This time things would be different as BIFS controlled the game from start to finish. The first goal came from a set piece when captain Andrew battled to bundle the ball home from a corner kick. The 2nd and ultimately winning goal came from scintillating team play with all players combining to provide the goal for Andrew to finish on the volley after a great cross from Junho. BIFS won the game 2-0 to claim the title in spectacular fashion. A special mention must go to Ben, Ewan and Jen You whose defence and goalkeeping was exemplary. They gave the midfield a solid base and through their performances gave confidence to the whole team.

The Junior Varsity team was also in action and they performed admirably in reaching the final of their respective division. They opened the weekend with a 5-2 victory with goals from Chris, Ken x2 and Rowan x2. They would go on to draw the next game 0-0 and lose the final game of the day after a hard-fought performance. They began the second day of the competition on fire recording three victories in a row on scorelines of 6-1, 5-2 and an incredible 8-1 performance. Goals were flowing through the team with Captain Rowan scoring 4, Chris scoring 2, Ken scoring 2, Daniel x2 and an outstanding tally of 5 from Yongwoo. Through these victories, they qualified for the final which turned out to be an action-packed and rollercoaster of a game. BIFS were to play KIS 2 with both teams having previously met in the tournament. The game started really well with BIFS racing into an early 2-0 lead with goals from Ken and Yongwoo. Credit must go to KIS 2 who never gave in as they pulled it back to 2-2 with minutes remaining in the game. The game would be decided in extra time golden goal meaning the first team to score would be the winners. With the game firmly in the balance, KIS were awarded a penalty. They slotted it into the net to claim victory and break the hearts of the brave bears.

Credit must go to the two BIFS teams for performing so well with just 7 players on each team and no substitutions present. To win both 1st and 2nd place expending so much energy and showing so much determination is a testament to the attitude of BIFS athletes

HS Girls’ Volleyball@BFS


Girls volleyball competed in the SKAC finals last Saturday, followed by SKAC round robins last month in Daegu. As a result of training and practising hard as a team, we placed 3rd. We played with BFS, and KFS twice. We won 3 games and lost 1. We were faced with mental and physical challenges. However, we overcame those as a team. We’re looking forward to competing in the AISA tournament in Japan this Friday and Saturday, hopefully, our practices and training will be worth it!

HS Boys’ Volleyball@BIFS

Last Saturday BIFS hosted the KISAC HS Boys Vball finals. We came to it with 1 win and 2 losses under our belt from the divisionals we played back at DIS. Our first game was against the tournament favourites, HIS, almost causing an upset with all sets only won by 2 points. BIFS ended up losing 2 sets to 1 with the 3rd set being 16-14.
Our second game was close as well, but disappointing, losing 2-1 against KFS. We ended up finishing 5th in the round robin. In the Quarter-finals, we played BFS who was 4th in the round robin. We picked ourselves up from the defeats early winning 2-0. We followed on to play the 1st place team, HIS, another close game against them but losing 2-0.
In our final game, we played against GIFS, in the 3-4 placed ranking, and we easily beat them 2-0, finishing 3rd in the tournament.
It was a great effort from all the boys we are all ready to take on Japan this weekend.
Captains: Yun Gi Cho and Min Bok

MS Girls’ Soccer@BIFS

The BIFS Middle School girls team played in the KISAC South Football tournament during the past weekend. The girls played really hard throughout this tournament, starting very strong on Friday against BHA 2 in the start of the tournament, where they won 7-1 with goals by Supi, Lian, 2 goals from Vicky and a great hat-trick from Narae. That great momentum was kept during the second game where they also had a great win against NLCS 2 with a 4-2 win, with goals from Narae, Supi and 2 goals from Vicky. The last 2 games from Friday with NLCS2 and KISJ1 had the same outcome of a heartbreaking defeat by just 1 goal difference in both games right in the final minutes of each match.

Saturday was a new day for the qualifiers and BIFS had an electrifying game to start of with against BHA1, where they drew 0-0 with many chances and great plays by both teams. The last qualifying game was crucial to guarantee a spot in the semifinals and the girls performed really well and qualified for the semifinals after beating KISJ 2 by 4-0, with goals by Fleur, Narae, and 2 goals by Vicky.

NLCS1 were the rivals for the semifinals and after a tight 1-1 game, a late goal by the opponents prevented BIFS of entering the Finals. BIFS had a final game to play for 3rd and 4th place against KISJ 1, and in a very close and vibrant match, Narae Bok decided the game for BIFS with a spectacular foul kick goal from outside the area which certified the final 2-1 score for BIFS and securing the 3rd place for the team.

A remarkable acknowledgement must go to Yena, Vicky and Narae, whose leadership inside the field and their performance both in defence and offence have helped the team to obtain great results throughout this tournament.

Parent Information Morning – Surviving the DP

Merriss Shenstone, BIFS IB DP Coordinator,  last Tuesday morning ran a very informative information session for 12 parents who had children from varying sections of the school. It was a wonderful presentation that asked parents to place themselves in the ‘day in the life’ of an IB student. Below is the outline of the presentation.

1) Understanding what the students are doing at school
     – The philosophy behind the IB
     – Understanding the IB Core (Extended Essay, CAS, Theory of Knowledge)
     – The Assessment Calendar
2) How we are working with students to manage stress
    – Mindfulness 
3)  School/parent partnership
    – Using Managebac Parent guides on how to use managebac to track attendance and assessments.
    – Reports
    – Parent/Teacher interviews

College Information Night

Last night, Wednesday 18 October, Mr Baker presented a repeat of the College Information session for parents and students. It was a very informative evening with over 30 parents and students present. Please see the link to the presentation found – here. The YouTube link can also be found here.

Campus Photography International

Campus Photography International will be visiting BIFS next week to take their annual photographs of our students. They will be with us on Thursday, 26th October, to take photos. Teachers will take students to the designated room at the appropriate time – so don’t worry about reminding your child!

Flu Vaccination

A notice from our School Nurse

Dear Parents,

There is a noticeable fluctuation in temperature these days between morning and afternoon.  We know that when our body does not adjust accordingly to the severe temperature changes, our national immunity drops and we become sick.
While the timing of flu season is unpredictable, seasonal flu activity can begin as early as October and last as late as May. In fact, the US CDC(Center for Disease Control and Prevention) recommends that people get vaccinated by the end of October, if possible.  It takes up to two weeks to develop immunity against the flu, so now is the ideal time to be vaccinated before flu season peaks.(usually from November to March)
The flu vaccine is available now at any pediatric(소아과), internal medicine(내과), or family medicine etc.
Attached is some information about the flu and for more information, refer to below links.

Further Information Letter – Here

What a busy week we have just had at BIFS – as usual a great one.

Enjoy the weekend with your families.

University Information Night Encore

University Information Night Encore

This is a friendly reminder that we will be holding a second University Information Evening at BIFS.

What: University Information Evening presented by Mr Baker, Head of School and Dr. GJ Johnson, College Counselor
When: Wednesday, October 18, 2017 6-7 PM
Where: Secondary School Hall 5th Floor
Who: All BIFS parents interested in university admissions is invited

If you have any questions about the event please contact Dr. GJ Johnson at

Jacobs University (Germany) Visit

Dear Grade 11 and 12 students,

Stop by to visit with the university representative from Jacobs University (Germany) on Monday from 3 pm onward outside the University Guidance Center office!

Jacobs University is an English-language research university in Germany, affiliated with both Rice University in Texas and the public University of Bremen in Germany. Boasting a 75% international student body, Jacobs University is a home to students from 116 nations. Our 16 undergraduate programs are taught by over 250 professors and faculty members. Small class sizes ensure close contact to faculty and teaching staff. Our transdisciplinary, liberal arts approach gives students the opportunity to study and research in all areas of natural sciences and engineering, as well as the humanities and social sciences.

Mr Baker & Mrs Johnson

The Week in Secondary

Grade 12 Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences.

An early reminder to parents of students in Grade 12. The first opportunity this year to discuss your child’s’ academic progress with the teachers at BIFS will occur very soon. Please mark the following date and time in your calendar – Wednesday 25 October, 3.30pm – 6.30pm in the MHS Hall, 5th Floor, C-building. Interview booking arrangements will be shared with Grade 12 parents next week.

 Parent Coffee Morning

Next Tuesday morning, 17 October, 9.00-10.00am in the MHS Hall, Merriss Shenstone our IB Coordinator at BIFS will be running a session on ‘Supporting your child through the IB’. You can see below, that it will be a terrific session, filled with great hints on what you can do to support your child as they tackle one of the most challenging academic courses in the world. All parents are welcome to attend the coffee morning, even if your child is years away from moving into the High School!

1) Understanding what the students are doing at school
     – The philosophy behind the IB
     – Understanding the IB Core (Extended Essay, CAS, Theory of Knowledge)
     – The Assessment Calendar
2) How we are working with students to manage stress
    – Time management skills
    – Study skills
    – Mindfulness
    – The importance of sleep
3)  School/parent partnership
    – Using Managebac
    – Reports
    – Parent/Teacher interviews


Middle School Girls Soccer

The KISAC South MS Soccer tournament held at BIFS on Friday was an outstanding success. The competition continues tomorrow. If you are interested in coming to see the girls in action, here is the link to the draw for the matches to be played on Saturday.

College Information Evening

Last Wednesday evening, 11 October there was a College Information evening held at the school. Unfortunately, we experienced a major technical issue with our group emails when informing parents of the arrangements of the evening. As a result of this unfortunate situation, we have rescheduled the night. It will now take place on Wednesday 18th October, MHS Hall on the 5th floor, 6.00pm-7.30pm. Mr Baker, Head of School and College Counselor, Ms GJ Johnson, College Counselor at BIFS and I,  look forward to seeing you on the 18th.

Here is the link to the presentation Mr Baker will be referring to throughout his presentation next week.