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2017 Spring Break Hours

Please make an appointment before coming in – the person you may need may not be available.

Spring Break Main Office Hours are the following:

9AM – 4PM (With Lunch break between 12PM-1PM)


High School Learner Profile Awards

Grade 9
Jeehu (Sophia) Lee – Learner Profile Trait Displayed: Communicator and Risk taker
Sophia showed excellent collaboration skills by delegating and sharing responsibility for the presentation of Lunar New Year celebration.

Grade 10
Emily England and Alicia Lee – Learner Profile Trait Displayed: Reflective and Open-Minded
Last week, 8 BIFS students went to the World Youth Peace Forum in Hiroshima Japan, along with 50 other students from around the world. Each student who participated in this forum has grown immensely in their way of thinking and their confidence to stand up for what they believe in.

These 2 students are receiving the Open-Minded and Reflective Learner Profile Award for their ability to vocalize their passion for the topics that were discussed throughout the week. These 2 students became very reflective about their own opinions on human rights, feminism, a countries rights to bear nuclear weapons, and their upbringing and experiences. This past week, these 2 have a better understanding of their strengths and limitations and are excited to go forward with their ideas for personal growth as well as growth within the BIFS community.
Through discussion sessions such as East Asia relations, Media Bias and a MUN simulation these 2 remained open-minded to the differing opinions of the experiences from other students around the world.

Grade 11
Sofia Shamonina – Learner Profile Trait Displayed: Inquirer
Sofia has consistently demonstrated a hunger for knowledge and an enthusiasm for learning. She meets with teachers regularly to clarify points of confusion and extend her understanding of topics, whether classwork or her Extended Essay. She continually asks thoughtful questions which has had a positive effect on our school learning environment.

Grade 12
Anna Kamper – Learner Profile Trait Displayed: Caring
At the DP Art show, all six students came together as a team to ensure success for all. They moved the art from the classroom to the gallery put it up and took it down, together. Two students, however, showed extraordinary caring for other art team members: preparing other students’ work, cutting their labels, wrapping their art, long after their fellow artists had gone

Upcoming Events

April 3 – 6       Middle School Health Screening
April 12          Graduation Photos (1:00-4:00)
April 26           Last day of classes for Grade 12 students
May 1 and 2   Grade 9 Film Unit
May 1-18        Grade 12 World Exams
May 12/13      KISAC MS Red Bball
May 18           SKAC MS Basketball Finals
May 18 – 31    Whole School Art Show
May 18-24      Grade 11 Final Exams
May 26           Graduation (1:30)
May 29           SKAC Inter-School Athletics
May 31           Grade 11 G4 Project Planning Day (mandatory)
May 31           Athletic Banquet (3:30)
June 1            Grade 11 Extended Essay Day (mandatory)
June 1            Grade 9 Film Gala
June 2            Relay for Life Event
June 5            Secondary Sports Day
June 8            Grade 11 G4 Project  – Presentation (mandatory)


High School Soccer

Both the HS Girls and HS Boys soccer teams had an exciting day of competitive soccer, and showed the talent, teamwork and determination needed to succeed in this


For the girls the day was an unequivocal success. They got off to a good start with a 3-2 win against local rivals BFS, the scoreline suggesting a tight game though in fact BIFS dominated throughout. After going 1-0 down, Eve scored to tie at 1-1. Her sister, team captain Ella scored to make it 2-1. BFS responded immediately with a goal to make it 2-2, but Coach Gearoid’s well-drilled team continued with their game-plan and were rewarded with a deserved winner scored by Synne. The second game was a comfortable 6-0 victory over KFS with Elle, Alva and Synne all getting on the scoresheet. Notable mentions should also go to Rakiah, the team goalkeeper who kept a clean sheet, Synne for saving a penalty, and Emily, who only started playing soccer two weeks ago yet scored a hat-trick. The girls final game was another solid victory, running out 5-1 winners against HIS. Synne, Eve, Elle, Alexandria and Emily all scored to cap a great day for the team.
The boys’ day was somewhat of an emotional rollercoaster. They made the perfect start with a convincing 5-2 win against GPA. JaeWon scored two and Taehoon, Min and Alex all scored a goal each. The boys continued with the same intensity and confidence against a strong HIS team. They went 1-0 up, and later were leading 2-1 and then 3-1. While BIFS certainly looked the better team throughout the game, HIS fought back strongly and after getting a goal with five minutes to go, they got another in the last seconds of the game to tie 3-3. The boys were very upset with the result, and with the final game starting straight after they struggled to clear that disappointment and start afresh. While the last game ended in a defeat against DIS, it provided valuable learning lessons for the boys and with 4 points from a possible 9 they are still in a strong position to reach the tournament finals at the end of the season.
Coach Lally and Gearoid

Grade 7 Beach Clean-Up

On Thursday morning the grade 7 class descended on the rocky Seong Jong shoreline to do their part in cleaning up Korea.  Students spent two hours picking up rubbish and were amazed by some of their findings.  They did an outstanding job!  This is the second time a group of students from BIFS has cleaned up the beach.  A partnership with the Gu Office has made for this opportunity on a monthly basis. Each month a different grade level will engage in this environmental effort.  

Personal Project Showcase

Congratulations to the Grade 10 students for an amazing Personal Project Showcase!  For the last eight months, students pursued an interest that was personally relevant and which challenged them to develop their research, communication, critical and creative thinking and self-management skills.  Projects included landscape painting and photography, music, electric motors, digital and product design, graphic design, gaming, self-discoveries, an exploration of beauty, writing, exercise, exploring cultural and personal roots, and film-making.

Students Reach out to Local Soup Kitchen

A small group of 6th and 7th graders visited the Haeundae Soup Kitchen this week.  The purpose was to complete their efforts to reach out and do their part in combatting hunger and poverty.
For 6th graders Jessica and Fiona, this all started as their Exhibition in grade 5. For 7th graders Marie, Jee Soo, Karis and YuJung this was connected to an Individuals and Societies unit in which they were looking at the UN Development Goals.  Rice, hand towels, dish soap and a monetary donation were all greatly appreciated by the Kitchen.  

Upcoming Events

Mar. 13          Grade 12 Mock Exams – ITGS/Music/Geography (9:10)
Mar. 14          Classes resume for Grade 12 students
Mar. 15          Secondary School Parent Coffee – Experiencing the Personal Project
Mar. 15         10:00 Personal Project Showcase begins(MHS Hall)
Mar. 15          Personal Project Showcase continues (4:00 – 7:00)
Mar. 16          HS Soccer boys and girls @HIS SKAC Divisionals (students out all day)
Mar. 17          High School Assembly
Mar. 20          Spring Break begins
April 3 – 6       Middle School Health Screening
April 12          Graduation Photos (1:00-4:00)
April 26           Last day of classes for Grade 12 students
May 1-18        Grade 12 World Exams
May 12/13      KISAC MS Red Bball
May 18           SKAC MS Basketball Finals
May 18-24      Grade 11 Final Exams
May 26           Graduation (1:30)
May 29           SKAC Inter-School Athletics
May 31           Grade 11 G4 Project Planning Day (mandatory)
May 31           Athletic Banquet (3:30)
June 1            Grade 11 Extended Essay Day (mandatory)
June 5            Secondary Sports Day
June 8            Grade 11 G4 Project  – Presentation (mandatory)