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Secondary Camps

What a week! The camps are over and I hope that you have quizzed your kids over their past week on camp.
I wanted to share with you all a taste of the many comments I received during and following the camps:

Grade 11 & 12 – “Day one was absolutely fabulous”, “The students have lifted themselves to meet the expectations made of them. They have shown good grace, time and time again”.
Grade 10 – “Everything has been super smooth”, “Great so far – the Olympic ski jump was super cool”
Grade 9 – “Fantastic”, All good here”, “Today was different than last, but a really good experience”, “This is a great place for camps”
Grade 8 – ” All is good and the kids are having fun”, “Started out a fine day, but the end is very wet”.
Grade 7 – ” All good”, “Got rained on a fair bit, the kids are doing really well”.
Grade 6 – “The kids were amazing”, “Great day – busy, busy, busy”, “Kayaking and rafting – wow!”.

I hope and trust this gives you a sense of the grade level camps. The teachers at BIFS have put a huge amount of work and effort into making the experience enjoyable, exciting and educational. We will sit down as a staff next week to reflect on the previous week and to see what we can do to make the experiences better next year. The students will also be given the opportunity on Monday to reflect on their experiences at camp. We believe at BIFS that it is very important to gather student opinions to again, improve for the following year.

Have an enjoyable and relaxing weekend with your families.









MYP Information night

A huge thank you to the 27 parents that attended our MYP information night on Wednesday. Jenny Montague did a tremendous job outlining not only the structure of the MYP, but also the incredible value that the MYP brings to all student’s education. The night allowed parents to ‘return to school’ with an opening activity that asked parents to move around the Hall in the Middle and High School and interact with other parents – great for learning and socializing! Afterwards, Jenny outlined how assessment works in the MYP, vastly different and unique, from many other educational frameworks found throughout the world. There was a brief period of time spent on outlining the use of Managebac in the school. Jenny concluded the evening with a Q & A session. A terrific night.




There will be a further opportunity for developing a sound understanding of Managebac when the ‘Back to School’ night occurs on Tuesday 12th September. Another week of great excitement as we lead into Camp week!



Another week of enjoyment and accomplishment around the school as we lead into Camp week! There was a great feeling of excitement around the Middle and High School this week, but particularly this afternoon. Students have been inundated with information, forms to complete, items to be purchased over the weekend and so on. All teachers will be actively involved in camps next week, from grade 6-10.

I will be enjoying the excitement of the grade 6 camp based primarily around the Haeundae area.

Until next week!


Presentations at Assembly

Congratulations to Jeremiah Dennis, Rowan Mc Callum, William Lee and Jeannie Park for receiving their certificates from the Australian Mathematics Competition that they competed in last year while in the Elementary School.

The Week that was in Secondary.

Yet another successful week has come to an end in the Secondary school at BIFS. Students and teachers are now in full swing – like there was never a summer break! Classes have started well as new students settle into new routines superbly guided by returning students.

Below – many of the Grade 6 students, new to the Secondary School, enjoying lunch outside.

A number of the grade 9 boys and girls playing basketball at lunchtime.



Ice cream social!

What a lovely way to conclude the start of the year with an Ice cream social. There were plenty of hungry mouths to feed and of course, many people wanted ‘seconds’. As you can see Mr Johnson was only too happy to oblige!

The School Store

What’s up with our school store??  Where is it??  Our school store opened last week on Wednesday at our new location. You can find us in the first-floor reception area of A building. PE Uniforms are the main commodity and not surprising, we are out of stock in most sizes as the beginning of the year was hectic. We’ve had a few challenges with our previous vendor so have made a change for this year. This has delayed the arrival of an order we initially placed earlier this year.  We appreciate your patience and will notify everyone who has placed an order once we know when to expect them.
OF NOTE:  Tracksuit jackets and pants and fleece tops and pants have been marked down to 5,000 won per item.
New to the shop this year is a small selection of school supplies. Prices are comparable to those at outside shops. The focus is on providing a service to the BIFS community by making available basic items that students may need to purchase for school. In addition to school supplies, we have added spirit related items!!  Stop by to take a look at the new BIFS t-shirts, baseball shirtscoffee mugsblankets and eco-bags, The focus with these items is to encourage school spirit!! Many of the items will make nice gifts as well!
Our store staff is comprised of 100% volunteers!! Please be patient with us as we train and transition!!  Our shop hours are completely dependent on the availability of our volunteers. Beginning in September, our shop hours will be posted on the BIFS Google Calendar which you can access from the BIFS website. We are always looking for additional volunteers! We ask that each volunteer work two half days per month!  No experience necessary! We will train anyone interested!!
Should you have any questions, concerns or positive comments please feel free to share them with us!  We hope to see you soon!
Dee Baker
Manager, PE Uniform Shop

The Year @ BIFS is Underway.

The Secondary School year at BIFS has begun very well indeed. We enjoyed welcoming to the campus on Wednesday many new students to the school as well as their parents. We had approximately 50 new parents and students enjoy a personalised tour of the campus. The Middle school were shown around the school by myself and Fiona Wilson. Diego Alvarez, Amy Roland, Alicia Gahyun and Taehoon Eder from the High school looked after those joining us in grades 9-12.