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High School Football

The Busan Girls High School football team were in action this past weekend in Seoul. It was the teams first outing in this particular tournament and they acquitted themselves with great distinction.

The first game of the day was against the hosts SIS. Prior to kick off there was torrential rain which made for very difficult conditions. The game was extremely tight with each team performing well in defense. BIFS were extremely dangerous from set pieces with excellent deliveries from Ella. With the game tied at 0-0 entering the last ten minutes it was all still to play for. BIFS were awarded a corner kick and the excellent Ella delivered a great ball into the box that was eventually knocked into the net by Emily. The remaining ten minutes proved nail biting with attack after attack from SIS. A special mention must go to the last ditch defending by Synne and Eve along with some great saves from Rakiah. BIFS held on to record their first win of the tournament 1-0.

In the second game they came up against a very hungry YIS team. The game was set at 2-0 to YIS when Lily snatched a goal back for BIFS with a cool finish to make it 2-1. Unfortunately due to the effort given in the first game the team were up against it and battled bravely eventually losing 4-1 but finishing 2nd in the group to set up a quarter final berth against Karachi the following day.

The game started with BIFS constantly on the attack and pinning the opposition in their own half. Wave after wave of attack didn’t seem to deter the well organized Karachi who scored a great goal direct from a free kick. BIFS remained calm in the face of adversity and came very close to grabbing a goal after Ali Z just missed wide of the post after great work from Elle and Ali H. BIFS piled on the pressure and eventually scored a goal. A great delivery from a corner kick from Ella was delightfully finished off by an outstretched leg from Emily. BIFS continued on the offense and were unlucky not to score again from a set piece when Ali H crashed the ball of the crossbar. The game went to penalties after some last ditched defending from Karachi. BIFS won the penalties 2-0 to reach the semi finals after Ella and Elle dispatched theirs. Rakiah was not beaten by any penalty from 4 taken by Karachi.

In the semi final, BIFS came up against a very strong KIS team and although they battled till the very end were beaten 4-0. KIS would eventually go on to win the competition.

The 3rd/4th playoff place was the last game on this journey. BIFS faced YIS again and this time hoping to avenge the previous meeting. They started brightly and scored a quick goal through Ella direct from a free kick. Moments later BIFS were awarded a penalty for a hand ball. Unfortunately the penalty was saved with some great reflexes from the YIS goalkeeper. The game ebbed and flowed and YIS grabbed two goals to go into the lead. BIFS pressed forward and almost scored a goal right at the death. However, YIS held onto the lead for the victory.

The team performed extremely well with a small squad and in some testing conditions. Three members of the BIFS team were selected for team of the tournament. Eve, Synne and Rakiah were acknowledged for their performances throughout the competition.

The AISA HS Boys soccer tournament, expertly hosted by BIFS, proved to be a huge success in a number of different ways. The hosting that makes AISA tournaments unique and is arguably the most important aspect showed its worth with the boys all making new friends and experiences with their peers from participating schools. As for the soccer, BIFS made a great start by going 1-0 up against a strong KIS team, with Min scoring the first goal of the tournament in his typically clinical fashion. While we looked like holding out for most of the game, KIS worked hard to get level and then lead 2-1. With ten minutes remaining our boys showed their confidence by increasing their attacking play to try and get the equalizer. This left us open to the counter-attack though, which KIS took advantage of to finish the game 4-1, with the score-line masking how close the game really was. The next game was against Yokohama, and was a hard fought battle between the two teams over the 60 minutes. The only difference between the teams was a lucky goal they scored early in the game, and despite going close on a number of occasions we couldn’t quite get the goal we needed to tie the game. The next game for BIFS was against SIS early on the Saturday morning. Our boys started a little sluggishly,  their legs weary from the two hard games the day before. As the game progressed though, the incredible defensive display from BIFS combined with our dangerous counter-attacks had the players and the cheering crowd convinced that we were moments away from finding the winning goal. That little bit of luck that can make the difference in tight games did not unfortunately go our way, and SIS, the eventual tournament champions, snatched a lucky victory with a last minute freak goal. This game told the story of our tournament; hard-fought, deserving of a win, but on the wrong side of luck. Our final game played out in much the same fashion, we were the better team for most of the game and played some excellent football, but ultimately lost the game to a debatable penalty decision going against us. Despite losing every game in the tournament, the boys were deservedly proud of their performances and clear progress. Hopefully the experiences gained from the tournament, together with that little bit of luck, will see us get more in the way of points from our future competitions.


Coach Lally

Upcoming Events


April 24            Grade 12 Reports Go Home
April 26           Last Day of Classes for Grade 12 Students
April 27           SKAC Finals @ BIFS
May 1 – 19      IBDP World Exams
May 1 & 2       Grade 9 students out – Film Study
May 1-18        Grade 12 World Exams
May 11-13       KISAC MS Red Bball @ Jeju. Students leave at 12:30 Thursday. (Robar, Turner, Roland out)
May 18           SKAC MS Basketball Finals (Boys @ BIFS, Girls @ BFS). Students out all day. (Robar, Turner, Roland out)
May 18-31      Whole School Art Show
May 18-29      Grade 11 Final Exams
May 25           Graduation rehearsal
May 26           Graduation (1:30)
May 30           SKAC Inter-School Athletics
May 31           Grade 11 G4 Project Planning Day (mandatory)
May 31           Athletic Banquet (3:30)
June 1            Grade 11 Extended Essay Day (mandatory)
June 5            Secondary Sports Day (all grade 6-10)
June 8            Grade 11 G4 Project  – Presentation (mandatory)


What’s New in the Middle Years Programme

New Information
Check out the MYP page under Secondary on the school website for information about the program and our curriculum.  A draft version of the Scope and Sequence for Grades 6-10 has been added.
Jenny Montague
MYP Coordinator

New BIFS Hoodie and Crew-neck Sweatshirts Second Chance

Dear Parents,

We are excited to be able to offer a new BIFS Hoodie and Crew-neck Sweatshirt to all students, parents, teachers and staff at BIFS! Check out the design at the bottom of the order form (link provided below). A few of our HS students have seen it and expressed their enthusiasm!

These BIFS Hoodies and Sweatshirts are fleece lined and, thus, perfect for the transition before the really warm weather begins!

Deadline: The deadline for ordering your BIFS Hoodie or Sweatshirt was Wednesday, April 12, at 4:00 pm. If you really want one please contact Mrs. Baker at dbaker@bifskorea.org.

Delivery: We anticipate delivery before April 25th and will notify you when they arrive.

Cost: Hoodie 25,000 KRW Sweatshirt 20,000 KRW

Order instructions: Select ORDER NOW!!

Payment instructions: Please submit cash payment to the BIFS PE Uniform Shop

Questions? Please direct any questions to Mrs. Baker at dbaker@bifskorea.org

Middle School Basketball

Our two Middle School basketball teams represented BIFS at SKAC Divisionals on Saturday. They faced tough opposition from the HIS, DIS, ISK and BFS teams. The year -6 squad got off to a flying start with a win in their first game but lost the remaining games to slightly more experienced opponents. The girls grew as a team and learned some valuable lessons about teamwork and concentration on the court. As Mr. Turner likes to say – “we win, or we learn”. We are looking forward to using this tournament as a reference point and taking the lessons learned forward with us to the next competition.
Our year 8 girls lost their first game by 1 point and bounced back to dominate their opposition for the rest of the day.  They are really discovering how to operate as a team unit and developing a more nuanced approach to the game. We are looking forward to  building on our strengths and addressing our weaknesses before the next tournament,
Mr. Turner – Girls Team
On Saturday, April 15th the Middle School Boys participated in their first SKAC tournament at HIS. The boys A team dominated their first 3 games and grew in their understanding of what it feels like to play as a team. In a tough battle, the boys tied their last game against GIFS. This weekend served as a great learning opportunity for the boys grow, develop and set goals for their next tournament in Jeju. Well done boys!
Ms. Robar – Boys A Team

The Middle School boys basketball enjoyed their first tournament for the season last weekend up at Pohang at Handong International School. The competition was held on four basketball courts outside! Our greatest worry was that it would be too windy or too cold – in reality, it was very hot in the full sun.  Hats, sunscreen and lots of water were the order of the day. Our opening match was Daegu International School – they towered over us and in the end dominated the match winning 18-0. We tried our very best but just could not match their strength and ability.Our second match was against Busan Foreign School. A far more even match up, both in terms of ability and skill level. In a very low scoring affair, we were beaten narrowly 4-6.In our final match of the afternoon, we came up against our hosts for the day, Handong International School. We managed to save our best basketball for the afternoon until then. In a terrific match, we won 8-2 – a victory!  A great day of basketball.

Mr. Roland – Boys B Team

Grade 12 Final Reports – April 24th

Dear Parents and Guardians,
We have reached the end of the 2016-17 school year for our graduating students. Final reports will be issued on Monday, April 24th. 
This report reflects your child’s achievement throughout the year and is the final report for our Full Diploma Programme Students. For students writing Busan International Foreign School final exams, there will be a final report card with updated results issued on June 09, 2017.
Please take some time to sit down with your child to discuss the information in this report and to verify its accuracy. If you have any concerns regarding the report, please do not hesitate to contact the school.
In addition to providing information on your child’s level of achievement, this report also provides an opportunity for reflection and goal setting in preparation for Busan International Foreign School final exams and DiplomaProgramme World exams.
Should you have any questions about the reports, please do not hesitate to contact the school.
Jamie Robb
High School Principal
학부모님들 또는 보호자님들께,
졸업생들에게 2016-17학년도가 끝을 향해 가고 있습니다. 마지막 성적표도 4월 24일 월요일에 발급될 예정입니다. 
이번 성적표에는 귀하의 자녀의 한해간의 학업성취도가 반영되어 있으며, 전체과목을 디플로마 프로그램으로 선택한 학생의 경우에는 이번 성적표가 최종 성적표가 됩니다. BIFS기말 고사를 치르는 학생들의 경우에는 최종 성적이 반영된 성적표가 2017년 6월 9일날 발송될 예정입니다.
자녀와 시간을 내어 함께 보시면서 기재되어 있는 정보들에 관하여 의논하는 시간을 가져주시기 바랍니다. 성적에 관하여 궁금한 사항이 있으신 분들께서는 주저하지 마시고, 학교측으로 연락주시기 바랍니다.
이 성적표는 자녀의 학업성취도에 대한 정보를 제공할 뿐만 아니라 자녀가 자신의 학업진전도를 되돌아보고 남은
BIFS기말 고사 및 세계적인 시험인 디플로마 프로그램 시험을 준비함에 있어서 목표를 정하는 기회가 될 것입니다.
이와 관련하여 질문 사항이 있으신 분들께서는 주저하지 마시고, 학교측으로 연락주시기 바랍니다.
제이미 롭 고등부교장


BIFS Procedures for Emergency Situations with North Korea

Dear Parents,

Having resided in Korea for the past fourteen years, I can attest that the current rise in tensions on the Korean Peninsula is not necessarily unusual. However, I would like to take this time to assure you that our school stays in close contact with multiple agencies that are closely monitoring the situation and that we have school emergency procedures in place.

On a regular basis, through formal and informal channels, the school maintains communication with many embassies, various military agencies, and other international schools as part of our monitoring protocol. Several of our faculty are embassy wardens and are in direct contact with regional security officers. Additionally, the school has emergency response procedures in the case of any eventualities. I am including an outline of our specific responses to various possible scenarios for your information and edification. Please review this document and note that it covers various evacuation scenarios. Please note that if there is an escalation and evacuation, the school has the capabilities to continue our student’s education program virtually.

At this present time, it is our understanding that there is no actionable concern on the peninsula; however, we will continue to vigilantly monitor all of our communication channels.

In closing, it is important to remind all of our parents that you should be registered and work with their respective embassies if the current situation escalates.

Kind Regards,
Kevin Baker
Head of School
Busan International Foreign School

Download Scenario Situations in English

Download Scenario Situations in Korean


High School Learner Profile Awards

Grade 9
Tea Guic
Learner Profile Trait Displayed: Caring
Tea is receiving this Learner Profile Award by demonstrating the IB Learner Profile Trait of Caring. Tea displayed empathy and compassion by going out of her way to cheer up a classmate that was very upset. Well done Tea for being supportive of her peers!

Grade 10
Jae Min Seo
Learner Profile Trait Displayed: Communicator and Thinker
Jae Min has displayed excellent growth in his ability to analyze and communicate his understanding while reading challenging literature. His extra thought and effort is evident in his recent summative tasks. These were challenging tasks, and he has made the choice to extend himself and dig deeper. Well done!

Grade 11
Ella Seeberg
Learner Profile Trait Displayed: Caring
Ella demonstrated the IB Learner Profile Trait of Caring. She noticed that the Art Supply room was suffering from entropy and volunteered to organize the room and label the items we have there and discard items no longer used. Her efforts, on her own time, after school, for many weeks, has made it possible for teachers to more easily find and use art supplies, benefiting all students at all levels in MYP and DP visual art. Well done, Ella.

Grade 12
Kristina Khimich
Learner Profile Trait Displayed: Communicator and Inquirer
Kristina is receiving this award for being a great communicator. She is constantly using her communication skills to build strong connections with her peers and teachers. Her warm and welcoming demeanor has a positive impact on others. She is constantly asking questions to her develop her understanding of the world around her.

Upcoming Events

April 24           Grade 12 Reports go home
April 26           Last day of classes for Grade 12 students
April 27           SKAC Finals @ BIFS
May 1 & 2       Grade 9 students out – Film Study
May 1-18        Grade 12 World Exams
May 11-13       KISAC MS Red Bball @ Jeju. Students leave at 12:30 Thursday
May 18            SKAC MS Basketball Finals (Boys @ BIFS, Girls @ BFS). Students out all day.
May 18-31      Whole School Art Show
May 18-24      Grade 11 Final Exams
May 24           Grade 12 Graduation Dinner
May 25           Graduation Rehearsal 1:00 (Grade 12 students)
May 26           Graduation (1:30)
May 30           SKAC Inter-School Athletics (Off Site)
May 31           Grade 11 G4 Project Planning Day (mandatory)
May 31           Athletic Banquet (3:30)
June 1            Grade 11 Extended Essay Day (mandatory)
June 1            Grade 11 SL English A oral exams (IOC – 8:00am to 11:30am)
June 3            Grade 11 HL English A oral exams (IOC – 8:00am to 1:30pm)
June 5            Secondary Sports Day @ BIFS
June 8            Grade 11 G4 Project  – Presentation (mandatory)