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Welcome to Admissions!

Thank you for your interest in Busan International Foreign School (BIFS)!

We welcome you to visit our campus to learn more about BIFS. Our Admissions team will arrange a personalized tour for your family and explain the details of enrollment process to you. Please book in advance as availability is limited.

We accept applications throughout the year and are still accepting applications for limited spots for the 2016-17 school year. Please contact our admissions office at admissions@bifskorea.org for more information.

Admissions Eligibility

Students are eligible for admission when the following criteria are met:

  1. Students must meet BIFS academic and behavioral standards. Their previous academic history and/or admissions testing must indicate that they can achieve at a level comparable to their BIFS classmates.
  2. Each student must live with at least one of the student’s parents or legal guardian recognized by the school. Any exceptions should be communicated by the Head of School to the Board of Governors.
  3. Students requiring the assistance of an English as Additional Language (EAL) program will be enrolled on a space available basis.
  4. Applicants who are siblings of currently enrolled students shall be moved to the top of the wait pool.
  5. All tuition and fees must be paid by the designated due date.
  6. Parents will be provided information both verbally and in writing on the mission and philosophy of the school during the admission process. Parents agree to support the rules and regulations of the school as a part of their student’s acceptance into BIFS.

The school reserves the right to refuse admission or revise their agreement for admission (including suspension or dismissal) after initial enrollment if:

  • Any documentation has been misrepresented or proves to be false.
  • Any relevant information has been withheld from the School.
  • The student cannot benefit from the educational programs offered.
  • The student displays behavior inconsistent with the ethos of the School.

If there is any uncertainty as to eligibility for enrollment, please contact the school.

BIFS Age Chart (2017-2018 School Year)

Students will be placed according to their age on September 1st of their year of entry.

Students must complete the entire previous school year before entering the next grade level. In the instance that a child transfers from a country or school system with a school year that does not align with BIFS, the child will need to complete their current grade on entry to BIFS. This may mean that a child will repeat up to a semester of the school year. No exceptions will be made to this policy even if a child’s date of birth indicates they would enter in the next grade level.


Early Learning Centre
GradeAgeDate of Birth
Jr. Preschool2 turning 4 during the school year1st Sept 13 – 31st Aug 15
Sr.Preschool4 turning 5 during the school year1st Sept 12 – 31st Aug 13
Elementary School
GradeAgeDate of Birth
Kindergarten5 turning 6 during the school year1st Sept 11 – 31st Aug 12
Grade 16 turning 7 during the school year1st Sept 10 – 31st Aug 11
Grade 27 turning 8 during the school year1st Sept 09 – 31st Aug 10
Grade 38 turning 9 during the school year1st Sept 08 – 31st Aug 09
Grade 49 turning 10 during the school year1st Sept 07 – 31st Aug 08
Grade 510 turning 11 during the school year1st Sept 06 – 31st Aug 07
Middle School
GradeAgeDate of Birth
Grade 611 turning 12 during the school year1st Sept 05 – 31st Aug 06
Grade 712 turning 13 during the school year1st Sept 04 – 31st Aug 05
Grade 813 turning 14 during the school year1st Sept 03 – 31st Aug 04
High School
GradeAgeDate of Birth
Grade 914 turning 15 during the school year1st Sept 02 – 31st Aug 03
Grade 1015 turning 16 during the school year1st Sept 01 – 31st Aug 02
Grade 1116 turning 17 during the school year1st Sept 00 – 31st Aug 01
Grade 1217 turning 18 during the school year1st Sept 99 – 31st Aug 00