BIFS Welcome Back Picnic

Dear Families,

The PTA is hosting a Welcome Picnic on Saturday, 25 August 2018, from 11 am to 2 pm. We hope to provide a comfortable and casual setting for families from both our students and staff to get to know each other better as we embark on a new school year together.

Canopies will be set up at the school field, and desserts will be provided. We invite all families to bring their own lunches and picnic mats.

Children will be able to participate in various activities including mini soccer, basketball, kickball and some water games. If you have a water gun at home, you are welcome to bring it for our water gun fight. Please pack a change of clothes, if you plan on getting wet!

Please RSVP by clicking on the link below. (It will only take 2 seconds to complete.)

Let us know if you have any questions. Please contact at We are here for you and look forward to seeing you there!


Parking at BIFS for the 2018-2019 School Year

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the 2018-19 school year at BIFS!

Please see the attached map for the appropriate parking and student drop off and loading areas at BIFS for this coming school year.

Over the summer, we renovated the parking lot to create a special bus area on our campus to be able to safely drop off and load our student bus riders. Please do not park in this area. It is for buses only.

Like last year, our parent parking area is the first parking lot (lot A) on our campus. This is also the recommended place to drop off your student to school if you are driving your child to school. For older students, please feel free to use the optional parent drop off area at the pullout area on the street in front of the school. Please do not drop off your students at the main gate in front of the school for safety purposes.

Faculty and staff parking, like last year, will be in the back lt (lot B) by the secondary building.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

We look forward to welcoming you to school on Monday!

Warmest Regards,
Mr Baker
Head of School

Welcome to the new school year at BIFS

August 1, 2018

Dear Parents and Students:

Welcome from Busan International Foreign School!

(soon to return to ‘International School of Busan’)

 You have chosen the premier school in Busan with a distinguished tradition of providing educational excellence.  We are celebrating our 35thyear of providing educational excellence to the international families of Busan! It is going to be an exciting year of celebration!  Please know we are keen to embrace your family as active participants in the next chapter of our dynamic history!  Whether you are a new family or a returning family, it is our joy to welcome you to what promises to be a great year!

As we celebrate our 35th anniversary this year, we are also taking this opportunity to return to our roots as we rebrand the English name of our school back to the “International School of Busan” (ISB). Throughout this year, we will be rolling out our new logo design, colors, merchandise and much more. Please note only the English name of our school is changing to help distinguish us more clearly in our market. One change you will see on the first day is our new child safety buses that are painted yellow and will carry our new ISB logo (versus our old BIFS red, white and blue designed buses). We will send out pictures of the new buses before the first day. It is important to highlight that many things are NOT changing as we become ISB, like our: school reputation, relationships with universities, registration with the Korean ministry of education, location, classrooms, and the same GREAT teachers – just to name a few!

Each new school year is full of great expectations and fervent hope. We are eager to partner with you as we provide an education that will challenge and inspire! Our talented, dedicated and caring faculty and staff have been hard at work getting things ready for you.

Here are some important dates for next week:

Friday, August 10th from 10 am to 12 noon – New student and family Orientation at BIFS.  This is a special time for new students and their families to come to campus, meet the administration and your teacher, find your classroom, stop by the PE uniform shop, touch base with transportation, check in with our nurse and get ready of the opening day of school the next day. We strongly encourage ALL of our new students and parents to attend. Orientation will begin in the Gym at 10 am. School Bussing is available. If you wish to ride the BIFS school bus to this event, please contact our Bus Coordinator, Ms. Becky Noh at 051-742-3332 ext. 134, or 010-9967-2542 or to make a booking. The deadline for booking a seat on the bus is the end of the day on Wednesday, August 8th.  We look forward to welcoming you to the BIFS family and assisting you with your transition.

Monday, August 13th from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm – Opening Day of School. We look forward to welcoming everyone to the 2018-19 school year! Our schedule for the first day of school will be as follows;

  • All classes will begin at 8:30 am.
  • Parents are invited to a “Welcome Coffee” at 8:45 am in the ELC Assembly Hall to meet the PTA and the Head of School to learn more about BIFS and the many ways parents at BIFS can be involved.
  • At 2:00 pm, we will have a whole school Opening Assembly in the Gym. Parents are welcome to attend this event as well.
  • The PTA will then host an “Ice Cream Social” after the opening assembly from 2:30 pm to 3:15 pm so we can begin to build community and celebrate the opening day of school.
  • At 3:15 pm, students will return to their classrooms to pick up their school bags and wrap up the first day.
  • At 3:30 pm, school will be dismissed. School buses will depart at 3:40 pm. There will be no late bus.
  • Please note,

o   The first day for the bus routes is on the first day of school, Monday, August 13.

o   The bus loading area afterschool will in the new bus loading area behind the ES playground on the school road. This will result in the secondary school parking lot being closed during loading time from 3:25 to 3:40 pm. Parents are welcome to park in the elementary school parking lot under building A.

o   There will be no afterschool activities during the first week of school. More information about the start of activities will be coming soon after school begins

o   On Wednesday, August 15th (National Liberation Day), BIFS will be in session. We will have a full day of school on this day.

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”

– John Dewey

 Education is our vocation and we are passionate about what we do. We believe in providing all students with a quality and caring international learning experience that will serve them well in their future academic endeavors and in life. Our goal is for each of our students to explore, discover and thrive at BIFS!

Together we are going to have an incredible year!

Warmest Regards,

Kevin Baker

Thank you Parents and Students

Thank you to everyone who supported our book fair. Many books were bought and there were some great conversations and excitement over books and reading. We also earned over 300,000 won worth of free books for the libraries and purchased many more.
Happy reading!

BIFS Board Announces the Appointment of the next HOS for BIFS

June 11st, 2018

Dear Members of the BIFS Community,

On Behalf of the BIFS Board of Governors, it is my pleasure to announce the appointment of Mr. Simon McCloskey as our new Head of School, effective July 1st, 2019.

Selecting the Head of School is the single most important decision that our Board of Governors does on behalf of the BIFS community. The Board has devoted a tremendous amount of time conducting an extensive global search. We owe a special thank you to our Search Committee members for their professionalism, and dedication in leading us to a successful conclusion. We also want to thank the BIFS staff and community for your active participation throughout the entire search process. Thank you for your input, questions, feedback, and encouragement – it all made a big difference in the final outcome.

We are proud that our worldwide search effort was thorough and inclusive, which helped us to identify Simon as our next Head of School. Simon has almost 20 years of experience in international education, including experience as a Head of School, principal, and a teacher. Simon is currently the Head of School at Stonehill International School in Bangalore, India. He has previously served international schools in Sudan, Thailand, Malawi, Tanzania, Bangladesh and the United Kingdom. We are confident that Simon’s international experience as a Head of School, his academic expertise, as well as his commitment to community and the guiding statements of BIFS will inspire us to new heights. Attached please find a letter from Mr. McCloskey to the BIFS community.

In the fall, the Board, together with our current Head of School, Kevin Baker, will establish a committee to ensure a seamless transition of leadership for BIFS. While we are sad to see Kevin to move on, we are proud of the school’s accomplishments during his tenure! He will be deeply missed but warmly remembered! The many accomplishments during Kevin’s tenure ensures a solid foundation for BIFS as we aspire to new levels of excellence as we encourage all of our students to explore, discover and thrive in the global world in which we all belong.

Finally, please join the Board in welcoming Simon and his family to the BIFS family and to beautiful Busan!

With warmest wishes,

Mr Yong Cha


BIFS Board of Governors

G5 Visits a Soup Kitchen

Grade 5 made a memorable visit to the weekly Haeundae Soup Kitchen initiative to donate funds raised by the Super World Savers action group in our class as well as funds that were raised by the BIFS ES Student Council.

All About 2018 International Day at BIFS

Please find attached Fliers for International Day on Saturday, April 28th. Car park at BIFS is only allowed for BIFS staff who work or volunteer and representatives of each country booth on that day.
However, there is no guarantee for car park availability. If possible, please use public transportation or park your car at Osiria Station. Thank you for your cooperation.


Click here to get the PDF Version here

The BIFS Board of Governors would like to extend a warm welcome and invitation to all parents
and teachers to attend the Annual General Meeting of the Board of Governors. The AGM will
be held on Saturday, 28 April 2018 at 9am PRIOR to our PTA International Day events that
begin at 10am. The meeting will be held on the 1st floor of the Elementary School building in
the ELC Assembly Hall. The Board values your attendance and input at this meeting.
One of the primary purposes for holding the AGM is for the Board and the Head of School to
discuss with parents and teachers the current state and future of the school. Additionally, the
other main purpose of the AGM is for parents to elect Board members to fill vacancies on the
Board of Governors.

The Board of Governors is the elected body of the school that includes both parent and non-
parent members. The Board sets the overall school policy, creates strategic plans for the future,
and supervises the school economy.
Board Members are voted to the Board by parents of the school, and each Board member is
elected for a three-year term. At this time, there is one parent member vacancy open for election
and one parent member, Kim Bukdahl, up for re-election. There is also one non-parent board
member, Jeffrey Harrison, that is up for re-election at this AGM meeting.
If you are interested in being a candidate for the one of the parent member positions on the Board
of Governors and helping the school’s continued development, please consider putting your
name forward as a potential Board member.
Serving on the Board of Governors is a very exciting and rewarding experience. Some of the
characteristics of a good Board member are:
 Devote 2 to 3 hours per month, mostly in the evenings to attend Board meetings and
other business.
 Serve on Board committees when requested to do so.
 Work together by consensus, while not being afraid to debate contentious issues.
 Leave any personal agendas outside the boardroom door.
 Be responsive to the views of others.
 Leave the daily and general management of the school to the Head of School.

 Retain strict confidentiality of all discussions.
 Maintain a sense of proportion and a sense of humor.
 Set objectives for the board and evaluate themselves against those objectives.
If you would like to be considered as a candidate for any of the available parent member
positions, please complete one of the candidate forms attached hereto. As a candidate, you
should be nominated and seconded by different people, who must be parents of children
currently enrolled at BIFS. In addition, we ask for a short biography and small photograph which
can be shared with other parents as part of the voting form. Also, if you are aware of anyone that
does not have children at the school and who may be interested in serving as a non-parent Board
member, please nominate them as a potential candidate using the appropriate form.
All candidate forms and biographies must be returned to the school office by Friday, 13 April
2018. Thereafter, the Board will review the nominations, and the eligible candidates who are
interested in being on the final ballot will be included on the voting form. Voting forms will then
be sent home with students to be returned at school no later than the
start of the AGM on Saturday, 28 April 2017.
Please do not hesitate to contact the Head of School, Mr. Kevin Baker by email or telephone
(, 051-742-3332) for any further information or advice about the
role and operation of the BIFS Board of Governors.
Best regards,

Jeffrey S. Harrison
Chairman of the Board of Governors

Request for Proposal for Bus Company

School Bus RFP 버스 입찰 참여 제안 요청서_School Website (Pdf File)

제안 요청서
1. 제안 요청의 목적
본 제안요청서는 부산국제외국인학교의 스쿨버스 운영에 참여하기를 희망하는 입찰 참가자에게
사업제안에 필요한 내용과 제안서을 요청하기 위함이다.
2. 스쿨 버스 운행의 개요
1) 스쿨버스 운영자 모집 대상 학교명: 부산국제외국인학교
2) 대상 학교 재학생 연령: 유치원 ~ 고등학교
3) 대상 학교 위치: (46081) 부산광역시 기장군 기장읍 기장대로 50
4) 스쿨 버스 운영 기간: 2018.08.13 – 2019.06.12 내, 학교 등교일 (약 180 일/년)
5) 계약 기간: 2018.08.01 – 2019.06.30
계약 종료 3 개월 전까지 학교와 스쿨버스 운영자의 쌍방 합의에 의해 매년 재계약이
이뤄질 계획임
6) 운행 지역: 부산, 울산, 거제
7) 일일 운행 시간
a. 부산: 등교 운행 1 회, 하교 운행 1 회 또는 2 회 (방과후 운영일에는 2 회)
b. 울산, 거제: 등학교 각 1 회
8) 현행 운행 차량 수: 입찰 참여 확정자에 한해 학교 담당자에게 연락하여 정보 수령
9) 현행 버스 탑승 학생 수: 입찰 참여 확정자에 한해 학교 담당자에게 연락하여 정보 수령
10) 2017-18 버스 경로 정보: 입찰 참여 확정자에 한해 학교 담당자에게 연락하여 정보 수령
11) 무료 차량 운행 현황: 입찰 참여 확정자에 한해 학교 담당자에게 연락하여 정보 수령
3. 제안 필수 항목
1) 입찰자명/사업자명
2) 스쿨버스 운영 사업자 관련 인가/등록을 입증할 수 있는 서류
3) 스쿨버스 운영관련 영업 책임 배상 보험 증명 서류
4) 스쿨버스 운영자 사업 규모 (예. 과거 5 년 사업 재무 실적, 직원 수, 버스 보유 대수, 등)
5) (스쿨) 버스 운영자로서의 성과 또는 수행 실적/고객사 리스트
6) 구체적인 보유 차량 정보 (차량 소유 형태, 좌석수, 연식, 보험, 스쿨버스로서 적합성, 등)
7) 버스 배차 및 운행 경로 계획: 현 업체의 배사와 경로를 유지할 필요없이 입찰 참가자가
가장 효율적이라고 생각하는 방법으로 제안 요구됨
8) 인력 운영 계획
a. 버스 코디네이터 및 버스 모니터(차량 내 학생 지도)는 필수
b. 관리자 배치 계획
c. 버스 기사 배치 계획
9) 안전 관련 계획 및 사고 예방 및 수습 계획
10) 운행 일지 관리 계획
11) 버스 서비스 용역비
12) 기타 부산국제외국인학교 스쿨버스 운영자로 선정되기 위한 업체의 강점
(예. 스쿨버스 관련 보유 기술, 교육, 버스 수급 계획, 등)
4. 입찰 일정 및 참여자 지침
일정 내용
2018.03.19 제안요청서 입찰 참여자에게 배포
2018.04.20 제안서 부산국제외국인학교에 제출
2018.04.23 – 25 부산국제외국인학교 내 평가단 제안서 검토
2018.04.26 – 27 입찰 참가자 프리젠테이션
2018.04.30 업체 선정 및 통보
2018.05 계약
1) 제안서 형식: 제안서는 파워포인트 (PPT) 형식으로 준비하여 프리젠테이션 실시
2) 언어: 제안서와 프리젠테이션은 영문으로 하고, 프리젠테이션 시 통역을 사용하여도 무방함
입찰 참여자 평가 위원회에는 외국인이 포함되어 있음.
3) 제안서 제출: 제안서는 2018년 4월 20일 오후 3시 이전 hscho@bifskorea.org로 제출
담당자: 조희선, 051-720-1135
4) 프리젠테이션 당일, 입찰 참여자는 제안서 파일과 함께 영문 제안서 출력본 총 10부를 함께
제출. 한글 제안서 제출은 선택사항임.
Request For Proposal (RFP)
1. Purpose of the Request for Proposal
This RFP is aimed at stating the details required for writing and submitting a business proposal by a
bidder applying in the hopes of operating the school bus service of the Busan International Foreign
School (BIFS).
2. Outline of the School Bus Service
12) Name of the School: Busan International School
13) Student Age Range: Preschool to High School
14) Location of the School: 50 Gijang-daero, Gijang-eup, Gijang-gun, Busan, South Korea 46081
15) Operation Period: school days between 2018.08.13 – 2019.06.12
(approximately180 days per year)
16) Contract Period: 2018.08.01 – 2019.06.30
Annual re-contracting will be made after mutual agreement between BIFS and bidding
winner 3 month prior to the existing contract expiration
17) Operation Area: Busan, Ulsan, and Geoje
18) Operation Hours
a. Busan: 1 time to the school in the morning. 2 times from the school afternoon
b. Ulsan and Geoje: 1 time to the school in the morning. 1 time from the school
19) Number of Vehicles: Please contact to the school for the information
20) Number of Bus Rider: Please contact to the school for the information
21) 2017-18 Current Line Route: Please contact to the school for the information
22) Free Bus Service: Please contact to the school for the information
3. Requirements in the Proposal
13) Name of the Bidder
14) Registration document as school bus operator
15) Proof of liability insurance
16) Business Size Information
(e.g. Financial performance for last 5 years, Number of employees, number of bus, etc)
17) Bus service achievement and/or customer list including school bus service if any
18) Overall Vehicles Information of Bidder
(Bus with possession status, insurance, bus size, bus age, seatbelt(equipment) for young
child, etc)
19) Busing and Route Plan: No need to keep the current busing status
20) Manning Plan
a. Bus coordinator and Bus Monitor required
b. Manager (Administration) plan
c. Bus Driver plan
21) Safety Plan and Incident/Accident Prevention/Resolution Plan
22) Operation Log Management Plan
23) Bus Service Expense
24) Any other important points to be BIFS Bus Service Provider
(e.g. technical service, training, Bus sourcing ability, etc)
4. Bidding Timeline and Participation Guideline
Time Action
2018.03.19 RFP distributed to bidders
2018.04.20 Proposal sent to BIFS
2018.04.23 – 25 Proposal review by evaluation committee
2018.04.26 – 27 Bidder presentation
2018.04.30 Bidding winner selection and notification
2018.05 Contracting
5) Proposal Format: Proposal needs to be in PowerPoint file
6) Language: Presentation needs to be delivered in English by presenter. It is fine to use
translator. The evaluation committee consists with foreigners and Koreans
7) Submission of Proposal: Proposal needs to be sent to ‘’ no later than 3
pm on April 20, 2018. (Sunny Cho, 051-720-1135)
8) On presentation day, bidder needs to bring their proposal in file and 10 hardcopies

First Global Relay For Life in South Korea to be held at Busan International Foreign School

Busan, Korea –  On Friday, June 8 and Saturday, 9, 2018, South Korea’s first Global Relay For Life will be held at Busan International Foreign School to raise cancer awareness and raise money for Dongnam Institute of Radiological & Medical Sciences in Gijang and the American Cancer Society.

Busan International Foreign School is proud to be the first international partner for Global Relay For Life in South Korea and the second International School in the world to host this event.

Funds will be raised to directly help people who attend the Dongnam Institute of Radiological & Medical Sciences in Gijang. This hospital has been chosen as the recipient of BIFS Relay for Life fund-raising event,  for its work in cancer research and treatment in our local community.

The Relay For Life movement was founded  in 1985 by Dr. Gordy Klatt in Washington state, USA. Relay For Life unites communities across the globe to celebrate people who have been touched by cancer, remember loved ones lost, and take action for lifesaving change. Symbolizing the battle waged around the clock by those facing cancer, the event lasts 24 hours and empowers communities to take a stand.

Teams will continuously walk around the Busan International Foreign School track for 24 hours in a demonstration of a community taking up the fight against cancer.

This is how it works:

  1. Relay participants are welcomed to the event including every student, teacher and employee at Busan International Foreign School along with representatives from the Dongnam Institute of Radiological & Medical Sciences and other interested members of the community
  2. The first lap of the event honors cancer survivors and their carers.
  3. The whole community joins in for the second lap of the track.
  4. Team members take turns walking throughout the 24-hour event to symbolize the ongoing fight against cancer.
  5. After sunset, candles are lit to remember those who have been lost to cancer, celebrate the survivors and show those affected by cancer that they are not alone.
  6. Throughout the night, music plays and the walking continues.
  7. After 24 hours there is a celebration and closing event.


In addition to the support of the community, we hope Relay For Life will be supported by many local businesses and organizations. Join or donate to the Busan International School Global Relay For Life by visiting

Relay For Life is emblematic of the  BIFS mission to connect teaching in the classroom with action in the community, and is integral to the International Baccalaureate  vision of teaching creative global citizenship. Busan International Foreign School is Busan’s leading international school, and the only Busan school offering the International Baccalaureate diploma, valued for its status as a gateway to the American Ivy League universities and other prestigious educational institutions around the world.  BIFS is an IB Continuum School offering K-12 IB education.