2017 BIFS Relay For Life Update

The 2017 BIFS Relay For Life fundraiser went to providing vaccines for high school girls in the Gijang Gun area.

Additional news reports can be found below:

You’re invited to the 2018 Spring Open House

What: 2018 Spring Open House
Where: Busan International Foreign School
When: Tuesday, February 27, 2018 – 9:00AM – 11:00AM
Who: Prospective Parents and Students interested in attending Busan International Foreign School.
Please join us for an exciting and informative Spring Open House at Busan International Foreign School!
Visit our beautiful campus and get to know administrators, students, parents, and teachers to find out more about the BIFS.
You will have the chance to explore the grounds and facilities with a campus tour and classroom visits. A question and answer session will take place providing the opportunity to learn more and ask any additional questions you might have.
Click here to register
For more information
Tel: +82-51-720-1100/1101

How to Order Apple Products or Microsoft Surface using BIFS’ Discount

Original Google Doc is posted here:

A copy is posted below:

BIFS requires a laptop for students in grade 6-12. You can take advantage of our school’s discount with our Apple Vendor, JL Entertainment.

  1. Choose which model you want from this Google Doc:
    1. Recommended Models:
      1. MacBook Air  13.3″ 1.8Ghz/8GB/256GB 1,326,100
      2. MacBook Pro  13.3″ 2.3Ghz/8GB/256GB   1,726,600
      3. MacBook 12″ 1.3Ghz(i5)/8GB/512GB 1,842,300
      4. MacBook Pro 13.3″ TouchBar/3.1Ghz/8GB/256GB 2,038,100
      5. New Surface Pro i5 8GB 256GB 1,590,000
    2. You can also purchase other Apple products with the school’s discount:
    3. Yellow is BIFS special price
  2. Wire the amount to the vendor’s account:
    1. Bank Name: 중소기업은행 (IBK)
    2. Account Name: 재이엘엔터테인먼트 (JL Entertainment)  
    3. Account Number: 389-093761-01-025
    4. If possible please put your name and BIFS in the banknote
  3. Email with
    1. Student Name and Grade
    2. Model of Laptop
    3. What account name you deposited to JL Entertainment’s account
    4. Your cell phone number
  4. BIFS IT will contact you via email or cell phone when the product is ready for pick up at our school.
    1. We will setup the printer drivers and wifi settings for your child
  5. Recommended
    1. Purchase a hard case to protect your child’s laptop – costs 50-100,000 KRW
    2. Purchase a key skin to protect the laptop from minor spilling – costs 20,000 KRW
    3. Purchase stickers or put a write your child’s name on the laptop, because laptops look very similar


Please direct any question to IT at or call 051-720-1126

Last updated: January 8, 2018

2017 Winter Holiday School Office Closures

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Busan International Foreign School Offices will be closed beginning December 19, 2017, to January 1, 2018.

If you have any questions please email the person directly in charge or if it’s a general question contact

We hope you have an excellent and memorable winter break.


Secondary News

Choir Performance at the Hilton – Gijang

The Grade 6 & 7 Choir were lucky enough to be invited to perform at the new Hilton Hotel in Gijang last Wednesday. The students rehearsed in the morning and then performed later on in the day. It was a fabulous performance by all accounts. Well done to the students and Ms Khalifeh for their efforts.

IB Diploma Subject Choices – Current Grade 10 Students.

Well, it might seem like a long way off, but in reality, the current students in grade 10 will soon be deciding on their subject choices for the next academic year – 2018/19. While we are asking students to make decisions soon, there will be plenty of time and advice given to parents and students to enable everyone to make well-informed decisions. To that extent, the process will begin before the end of this term. We have scheduled the following events for the students in grade 10.

  1. Tuesday, December 5 – Overview to students of the IB Diploma requirements. Outline of alternate courses for students not undertaking the full IB DP.
  2. Tuesday, 12 December and Wednesday, 13 December – Grade 10 students will be invited to spend time in the back of Grade 11 & 12 IB Diploma classes (Psychology, Economics, Spanish, English B and Maths)
  3. Tuesday, December 12 & Thursday, December 14 –  College Counselor Presentations to students – General Information Session about College and Subject Choices. BridgeU and Self Assessment Tools.
  4. Wednesday, January 10 – Grade 10 Parents and Students – IB Diploma Information Night. MHS Hall, 6.00-7.00pm. 

  5. 11-18 January – Homeroom Sessions. Teachers will use Grade 10 homeroom time to discuss subject groups and the courses offered. This will help students make more informed choices.
  6. 11-18 January – Teacher Recommendations – teachers will recommend students for specific courses and levels, HL or SL. This information will be reviewed by the Head of Secondary, the counsellor and the DP coordinator.
  7. Friday, 19 January – Subject Survey sent to students and parents re subject offerings for 2018/19
  8. Tuesday, 30 January – Subject choice surveys due by this date.
  9. February(ongoing) – Meetings with Head of Secondary, DP Coordinator and/or Counselor to finalise subject choices for the coming academic year. Students are able to make changes to their initial choices throughout the remainder of this academic year.

Angel Tree of Giving


BIFS Seniors have been busy coordinating our annual Angel Tree event. This year we have received names of children, along with their gift wishes, from Isaac House and Park Ae Won Children’s Home.  Regrettably, time is short, but we know that BIFS students find much joy in giving to others who have so much less.
You can find our Angel Tree, with gift tags for each of the fifty children, in the school cafeteria. Please choose a name from the tree, sign the form beside the tree, purchase the gift requested and return your wrapped gift by the end of the day on December 12, to the BIFS tree in the 1/F Reception area.

Parent Coffee Morning Encore

Dec.12, Tuesday 9 am

Assessment in the MYP


If you have a child currently undertaking the MYP, Grade 6-10, our MYP Coordinator, Ms Jenny Montague will be running the workshop on Tuesday, December 12, on how assessment works in the MYP.  Please join Jenny in the MHS Library (C3.11) for the session. We will make a start at 9.00am and conclude at 10.00am.


Middle School Assembly

The Middle School assembly last Friday was called What Do You Expect and focused on looking at the probability of randomly answering true/false questions.
Here’s how the activity went:
  1. All students in grade 6-8 were given a piece of paper and asked to number it from 1-10.
  2. WITHOUT even hearing/knowing the questions, they then answered true or false to the questions.
  3. After they all guessed, 10 questions with really odd facts were shown and students shouted out whether they thought they were true or false and correct answers were given.
  4. The students scored their papers.
  5. Students then formed a human graph – random answers to random questions should generate most scores in the 40-60% range, which is what happened.
  6. Students below 40 and above 60 were rare.
  7. Rarest of all were students who scored 0% or 100% – both scores have the same probability value

Ms Montague

It was a terrific assembly that gave all involved a visual representation of a simple ‘bell curve’ graph – the difference being the graph was made up of the students!

BIFS Community Choir


Some teachers and parents have discussed the idea of forming a BIFS Community Adult Choir. If you are interested in this, please take a moment to fill in this form in order to organise a meeting to discuss it further.


Congratulations to Chelsea Moon for successfully completing her Grade 8 ABRSM Piano Examination. An amazing effort – well done Chelsea.


Lost Property

Dear Parents, there is a growing quantity of lost property that will be on display at the entrance to C-Building on the first floor – next to the student cafe. This needs to be removed prior to the holidays or it will be donated to charity. Please encourage your child to look through the many boxes for articles of clothing, shoes, drink bottles etc. You never know, some of it might belong to your child!

The Week in Secondary

Spelling Bee

Congratulations on the student’s success on Tuesday 21 November.

Thank you to the many parents who supported the students in their preparation for the Spelling Bee Competition.

It certainly paid off.

Ansh and Christina, from Grade 5, won 1st and 2nd place in their Bee.

The other students from Gr6, Gr7 and Gr8. all made it through to the Quarter or Semi-final in their respective Bee.

A great result which reflects the student’s determination and effort.

Well done to all of them.

Mr Fox-Davies


Model United Nations


Grade 9 Individuals and Societies students took part in a Model United Nations Conference held on Tuesday at Kwangju Foreign School.  This put an end to a unit of study that had them researching global issues and how countries of the world come together in the United Nations to make resolutions.  During the conference, students were engaged in lobbying and making alliances prior to lunch, and later they debated these resolutions within their committees.  It was a challenging day for all as this was the first time for any of them to take part in an actual MUN conference.  All students walked away learning something about themselves and how difficult decisions are made in the world around them.



The Girls Team

The BIFS Middle School girls team played in the MS Futsal Finals last Wednesday in Busan. The girls played at a very high level throughout this tournament achieving a well-deserved spot in the Final. The team started against a very tough opposition like HIS in a match where they tied 2-2, facing a very strong defence. It became a gripping game until the end, with goals by Vicky and a superb last-minute goal by Na Rae dribbling past 2 defenders and scoring the final tying goal.

During the second game, the girls displayed great pressure and organisation against GIFS, where they managed to win 4-1, demonstrating great teamwork with accurate shooting and precise passing from each member of the team. Thanks to this win the girls automatically achieved a spot in the Finals, with 2 goals from Vicky, 1 from Yenna and 1 from Supi.

The third and last game of this tournament was the Final played against the strong HIS girl’s team. BIFS managed to score an early goal from Na Rae thanks to a corner kick and the team managed to gain control of the game in the early stages, but 2 accurate shots form HIS turned the score in favour of HIS ending the first half 2-1. At the start of the second half, BIFS took the initiative and created many chances to score, getting their reward halfway through the second half with a second goal from Na Rae after a magnificent pass by Vicky. After this, the game was equal and competitive until 2 fast breaks from HIS in the final stages of the game sealed the final 4-2, thus receiving BIFS a well deserved second place in this MS Futsal Tournament.

A remarkable acknowledgement must go to Vicky, Yenna, and Na Rae, who displayed great skills throughout the tournament and great plays which helped the team achieve a great spot in the Finals.


The Boys Team

The BIFS Bears Varsity brought home another championship this season with a scintillating performance in the SKAC Futsal Tournament. The level of teamwork and understanding on display was a treat for the many fans that attended the games.

The Bears first played HIS 1 in the group stage and won 11-4, whilst also recording a heavy victory against GIFS. In the Q/F they played a very young but hardworking HFS team from Ulsan. The experience of the Bears proved too much for HFS with BIFS running out comfortable winners in the end.
The Semi-Final was against a strong DIS 1 team who put up a valiant fight with the Bears running out eventual winners on a scoreline of 9-6.
In the Final, the Bears faced old rivals HIS 1 and their superior skill levels were on display as they coasted to a 7-2 victory to claim the championship.
The Bears Junior Varsity was also in action yesterday and they played extremely well losing out in the Semi Final to HIS 1.
The day started out slowly with a loss to DIS 1 but immediately picked up with a fantastic display against HIS 2 winning the game 6-3. That victory landed the team in a Quarter Final match against GIFS which BIFS JV won on a scoreline of 4-1. They progressed to the Semi-Final and faced HIS 1 ultimately succumbing to a more experienced and older team.
It has been an extremely successful Middle School Football season this year with fantastic performances from both of our teams. We are already looking forward to next year.


Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences

We concluded the week with many parents joining us at the second round of conferences at BIFS. The two sessions held on Thursday afternoon and concluded on Friday at 2.00pm. We welcomed over 150 parents and students to the conferences in the Middle and High School over the two days. We hope that students and parents gathered useful information regarding individual progress and what are the steps forward to achieve greater success.