Board of Governors

The International School of Busan is governed by a 10-member volunteer Board of Governors drawn from diverse range of backgrounds. It is owned by the ISB Association of Parents, and managed by the Board of Governors. The parents or guardians of every student in the school are automatically members of the Association. Board members, comprising of parents and members of the international community are elected by the parents to work in partnership with the ISB administration to ensure a world-class education for every student.

Effective schools require effective governance, and a prerequisite for an excellent school is an exemplary Board of Governors. ISB strives to model exemplary governance through its structure, its Code of Conduct for Board members, its governance policies, and its recruitment of dedicated volunteers to serve the school.

The Board achieves this aim by:

  • Applying governance policies that ensure a strategic focus for the Board of Governors
  • Adopting policies which are consistent with the school’s mission and vision 
  • Providing a comprehensive orientation programme for new members
  • Having Board members annually commit to a Code of Conduct and sign a Conflict of Interest Declaration
  • Participating in regular professional development to better understand effective international school governance

Through these structures and strategies, ISB’s Board of Governors provides fiduciary oversight to the school and sustains a vision for its future. The Board is comprised of a chair, treasurer, secretary, four parent representatives and three non-parent representatives. The School’s Board of Governors meets monthly when school is in session. 

In general, there are four major responsibilities of ISB’s Board of Governors. First, is strategic planning where the Board is responsible for establishing, evaluating and reviewing the strategic direction of the school. Second, is in the area of finance where the Board has a responsibility for fiduciary oversight including, risk management and preparing and monitoring the annual budget. Third, the Board is responsible for the formulation and approval of school policy assisted in this task by the Head of School, The Educational Leadership Team and the School Management Team. Finally, the board is responsible for hiring, evaluating, developing and supporting the Head of School.

Personnel decisions as well as the daily management of the school are delegated to the Head of School and his/her leadership team, faculty and staff. In short, the Board of Governors is not involved in operational matters, which are delegated exclusively to the Head of School.

The Board of Governors fulfills its responsibilities and achieves its annual goals through committees. Two standing committees are the Finance Committee and the Governance Committee. Each year additional ad hoc committees are convened to address specific tasks or goals, and may involve a variety of stakeholders, as appropriate.

Current School Board Members

  • Paul Edwards, Chairperson
  • Anders Gammelsæter, Treasurer
  • Dan Gedacht, Secretary
  • Joel Theut
  • Mike Conforme
  • Chelsea Verhulst
  • Jeffrey Harrison
  • Simon McCloskey, Head of School and Ex Officio Board Member

Members of the school community are encouraged to stand for Board membership and to also nominate suitable candidates for the non-parent positions. Board members are often outstanding members of the community who may also have financial, business, or other beneficial experience that they can bring to the school. Being a Board member is a voluntary position, for which there is no salary. It is a demanding role but ultimately very satisfying and rewarding.

The Board of Governors may be contacted through the Chairman at

Link to ISB Board Policy Manual