Learning Support

The Learning Support Department fosters, nurtures, and expands the unlimited potential of our students from the early learning center up to high school. We provide individualized support to students with diverse learning styles using a variety of media. The types of support include conducting informal and formal assessment, providing academic/behavioral/emotional support, consulting with parents/teachers, and making referral to outside services. Collaborative working between the Learning Support Department, parents, administrators, teachers, and students encourage the student to meet their goals. In the Learning Support Classroom, individual differences are highly acknowledged, respected, and cherished. The students and the teachers promote a safe and caring environment where every student has the opportunity to explore, inquire, and challenge oneself to succeed both in and outside of the school environment.

Our admissions philosophy is by nature inclusive and we support students with learning differences when feasible and appropriate. We will accommodate the needs of applicants unless there is a reason to believe that the admission would not be in the best interests of the applicant or the school. BIFS, however, does not offer the full continuum of special education program as mandated by law in the United States.

In order for the school to determine whether we could offer a program and support that enables the student to take full advantage of our education, we ask for multiple sources of information: Reports of professional assessments, School report cards, IEPs, any documentation that outlines extra support/services, and interviews with students, parents, and teachers. It is important to assess the needs so that any appropriate and possible adjustments can be made both during the admission process and if an offer of a place is made. The student progress will be monitored throughout the school year. The progress will also be discussed with the student and parents to ensure that the student is able to take full advantage of our program. Should the needs/learning differences become challenging to meet with the support services that are available, the school will discuss appropriateness of student’s continued enrollment in the school and for more suitable options.

We look forward to seeing students realize their unlimited potential and become who they want to be through a safe, positive,and enriching learning environment.