PE Uniforms

The PE Department requires students of all ages to wear the ISB PE uniform in all PE classes.* The ISB PE uniform includes a burgundy/gray cool-on short sleeve v-neck shirt and burgundy short pants for up to grade 8. The ISB PE uniform for grades 9-10 includes a gray cool-on blend t-shirt and burgundy short pants. A hat is also strongly encouraged for UV protection. Students can elect to wear ISB cold weather garments over their PE uniform, although these items are not required.

Students should not cover up their PE uniform with non ISB clothing. If ISB cold weather garments are not worn but more warmth is desired, students should do one or more of the following:

  1. Wear black or dark gray undergarments (Ex: Skins, spandex, turtleneck, long johns etc).
  2. Wear a knit hat and gloves (burgundy, dark gray or black are preferred) Note: scarves are not permitted for safety reasons

Non marking gym shoes (trainers) and socks are also required. A hat is strongly encouraged during terms one and three for UV protection.

Items available (now at discounted prices)

  • BIFS Short sleeve polo shirt, shorts and long sleeve t-shirts (Cool-Ever fabric)

  • BIFS Warm-up Jacket and Pants (Cool Weather fabric)

Please refer to the PE Uniform Price List for information about each item

PE Uniforms may be purchased in The BEAR Necessities, our ISB School Shop

Location: A1.2 – 1st floor – Reception area

Phone: 051-720-1164

Email: The Bear Necessities

* The BIFS PE uniform can also be worn through the entirety of the 2018-19 school year.